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Happy Anniversary, Cat-Tales

March 8, 2013

It was March 8, 2001 when Chris Dee posted Chapter 1 of Cat-Tales 1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.  Today, the popular Bataman series celebrates its 12th Anniversary by cutting the ribbon on the new Fan Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.


“If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t been paying attention while I squee about it), we have new categories for Character Portraits, Sculpture, and even cosplay. If you HAVE seen the new gallery, you haven’t seen the new pieces – more from old favorites like Remidar and Anya Uribe, a brand new artist Shisa Ai making her debut on the Cat-Tales gallery with an exhibit of Catwoman: Black & White.”
–Chris Dee

As an added treat, the website has updated an old Ask Catwoman feature for the occasion, finally answering a question about the most-asked about topic: Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg.

Ask Catwoman


Gallery Spotlight: In the Dark / In Morning Light

March 5, 2013

The Bruce / Selina relationship is the heart of the Cat-Tales series, so it’s no surprise that there’s a wide variety of Bruce & Selina and Batman & Catwoman images from the artists who’ve contributed to the fan gallery.  They’re all amazing and it’s nearly impossible to single out a favorite.  Yet, of all the artists inspired by the Bat/Cat dynamic, few capture that special something like Remidar, in both moments of joy and moments of despair.

Enjoy these stunning companion pieces:

Bruce & Selina: In The Dark

Bruce and Selina huddled in the rainin Crime Alley

Bruce and Selina had been dating for nearly a year before she experienced her first “Hell Month,” the changes Bruce experiences in the weeks leading up to the anniversary of his parents’ murder in Crime Alley in Times Gone By

And Bruce & Selina: In Morning Light

Bruce & Selina: In Morning Light by Remidar

Bruce asked Selina to move in at the end of Book 2, and she’s been living in Wayne Manor since Highland Games at the top of Book 3. So there is no shortage of bedroom scenes in the course of the tales.


Gallery Spotlight – Bruce & Selina: Before Dawn

February 27, 2013

The Bruce/Selina relationship is the central core of Cat-Tales, and Remidar is a fan favorite of the artists featured in solo galleries on the CT website.  So the news that there are five new pieces by Remidar in the ongoing updates is big.  The news that most of them feature Bruce and Selina together is bigger.  Enjoy…

Bruce and Selina Before Dawn by Remidar

Bruce and Selina: Before Dawn by Remidar


Gallery Spotlight: Joker Revisited

November 8, 2012
Joker Revisited

Joker Revisited by Ramesese

Joker Revisited – because it’s really hard to take tanks, mercenaries, exploding concrete and reactors mysteriously turned into bombs all that seriously after the guy who kills your bodyguard with a pencil.


Gallery Spotlight: Joker

October 21, 2012

Joker by Selina Enriquez

Nothing wakes up a sleepy Sunday like a Surprise Joker!


Gallery Spotlight: Paparazzi

October 19, 2012
Bruce and Selina Paparazzi

Bruce and Selina: Paparazzi

Let’s take it down:
Bruce and Selina, a romantic stroll through the park on a lovely fall day, with that little touch of crispness in the air, the earthy smell of autumn leaves…

Selina’s history with the tabloids.
Catwoman’s claws. Catwoman’s whip.  Catwoman’s temper.
Bruce’s temper.  Bruce’s ability to hold a grudge… Bruce’s ability to buy the Post out on his AmEx with enough on his credit line for a couple of frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity3.

Oh yeah, this will really end well for the poor ass behind that camera.


Gallery Spotlight – Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss

October 18, 2012
Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss

Batman and Catwoman: The Kiss (watercolor)

Day before yesterday, the Gallery Spotlight was Batman: Patrol.  Yesterday was Catwoman: Kick Ass.

You had to know this was coming.

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