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“We fought each…

May 16, 2014

“We fought each other. And at times, we fought together. Shared time. Something grows between you. Whether good or bad, shared time creates an understanding. You come to know the essence of a person. The essence of Joker is madness. The essence of Superman is decency. The essence of Ra’s al Ghul is pride. The essence of Catwoman is… impossible to put into a word. But it is warm and alive and it draws something rich and joyful from the act of living.”

Cat-Tales: Go Rin No Sho
The Book of Five Rings: Samurai Manual of Combat Strategy. The problem? How can Bruce Wayne be a playboy with a live-in girlfriend?

“Always exposes something new and interesting about the Batman and the very real and vulnerable human that created him.”


Gallery Spotlight: Clayface and Killer Croc

April 7, 2013

I don’t normally view Character Portraits as companion pieces, but these two for Clayface and Killer Croc have a similar visual structure: each character comprises only half the visual space, the story being less their physical bodies than their reaction to what’s on the other half of the screen.

Character Portrait: Matt Hagen as Clayface viewing an old movie poster - Matt Hagen as Grant Gifford in Advocate for Love

Matt Hagen: Then and Now

Matt Hagen as Clayface viewing an old movie poster – Matt Hagen as Grant Gifford in Advocate for Love. (“Spirited but derivative” -Roger Ebert, Metropolis Sun Times)

When I introduced Matt in Blueprints I borrowed an amusing character bit from Simon Brett’s Charles Paris.  Whenever he remembers a role he played, he mentally recites one or two of the reviews.  I had forgotten that we alluded to this with his character portrait, quoting none other than Roger Ebert.  RIP to that greatest of rarities, a critic we could all respect.

“I never have any trouble with Waylon since I showed him a picture of his head photoshopped onto a green crocodile Kelly bag.” -Selina Kyle, The Gotham Post

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