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A Double Homicide in Gotham’s Park Row. One witness, juvenile. Unsolved.

July 23, 2014
Cover of Cat-Tales: Casefile 00000-001

Casefile 001


Happy Batman Day Minus-Two

July 21, 2014

As the march to Batman Day continues, so does the epic confusion about holding up signs on the Internet. You’re up, Harvey.


Batman Day Minus-2

But, but…  Oh why do I even bother.


Well, we knew his sign would be nonsense


Batman Day – Minus 4

July 20, 2014

Batman Day is almost here, and… Uh boy.  Well, we at Cat-Tales had what we thought was a nifty idea getting our little stable of Rogues together to send a congratulatory message celebrating 75 years of the Bat they love to hate.  So far, it’s not quite working out the way we planned.  Their a self-absorbed lot and the concept of other people, even sending a message to other people, doesn’t always register.

Bane Shaming himself

Bane-shaming, is that a thing now?

First we have Bane, who somehow keyed into the idea of holding a sign being a shame sign and deciding to shame himself.  About his workout mix.   That came in #413 on our list.

And then…

Harley Quinn Shaming

Harley Shaming really should be a thing.


Okay, none of us really expected her to get it, now did we?

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