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Gallery Spotlight: Ruffles v Ruffles

March 14, 2013

Monday’s spotlight on all the Harley Quinn appearances in the fan gallery reminded me that there are two instances where artists working in different media gave us their take on the exact same Cat-Tales moments – and both involve Selina – the chic, the beautiful, the sophisticated and sexy Selina – encased in one of the least chic and sexy garments an attractive woman subjects herself to voluntarily: the bridesmaid’s dress… In Dearly Beloved, Barbara Gordon married Dick Grayson.  Selina was a bridesmaid.  There were ruffles.  They were yellow.

OMG, Yellow ruffles? by Remidar

Although, quite honestly, while we all agree that Belle from Beauty and the Beast isn’t exactly Selina’s style, most of us find Remidar’s rendition quite lovely.

The Poser rendition perhaps captures the full horror

Okay, Catwoman was never captured, but… yellow ruffles. There’s some justice there, surely.

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