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Decorating Gotham

December 15, 2012

The decorations are just going up in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center.  A few photos posted to whet everyone’s appetite.  This Gotham is due for a refurbishment in 2013, so this is the last year it will be looking this way.

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

It isn’t Christmas in Gotham until the tree goes up in Wayne Plaza in front of the Wayne Tower

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

A much smaller tree at the Cat-Tales Visitor Center itself. Do we really need a second tree? Probably not, but it pisses off Poison Ivy, so why not.

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

Selina’s favorite, the big bow on Cartier

You can visit the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center and learn more about Chris Dee’s Cat-Tales in Second Life.




Mr. Wayne, A word in your ear

November 28, 2012

A few chapters back, in Wayne Rises, Chapter 3. Bruce committed, nay perpetrated the only proposal since 1813 to have been compared unfavorably to Mr. Darcy’s end of Book 1 declaration to Elizabeth Bennet.  (Darcy was proud, tactless and insulting, but he did manage to actually word it as a question and he didn’t mention Ra’s al Ghul.)

Bruce, I’m just saying, this approach… would have worked better.


Character Portrait: Selina Kyle

September 4, 2012
Classy Fashionista Selina Kyle at Cartier with Purple Lamborghini

Selina Kyle in front of Cartier, with the purple Lamborghini

All work and no play makes kitty a dull girl, and Selina could never be that. Today’s gallery spotlight from the new portrait gallery finds her in civies, albeit haute couture civvies, at a location and with a certain auto that all Cat-Tales readers should recognize.


Ads that Make Me Purr

April 22, 2012

Someone just mentioned that they saw this ad on my Blogtalk Radio interview from a few months back.  Seems… fitting.

“Time to set the record straight” indeed.

Then there was this gem from Cartier, which when I saw it, all I could think was “Selina just had one.”

Get used to it, with The Dark Knight Rises coming out this summer, Cattitude – that’s the APPEAL of being Catwoman – is going to assert itself in the media in subliminal ways.  Those who don’t get the fantasy are in for a rough time of it, because “Gee what a grim and gritty life that is, I’m so glad I’m not such a damaged unfortunate mess but at least my outfit is practical” isn’t going to sell anything except, well, maybe hemorrhoid creme.

For the rest of us who love Selina, who get the thrill of being a bad girl, of pleasure and indulgence and getting away with something – who love LIFE as a joy to be savored and not an ordeal to be endured, these are welcome signs indeed that somebody – if only purveyors of jewelry and cellular service – understand the essence of what Catwoman is supposed to be.  The Cattitude is back.

Mark your calendars: July 20, 2012


The Week in Cat-Tales

January 10, 2011

Quick one today, because it’s going to be a busy week. Trophies, the tale that was teased at the end of Electron 29, is well underway, but a surprise one-shot came out instead last week: CT #62: A Bon Chat, Bon Rat which chronicles a Bruce and Selina adventure in Paris (also teased at the end of Electron 29). The title is a French proverb that is used in the sense of “tit for tat” but which translates literally as: “For every cat, a rat.”


Bruce and Selina in Paris?  Yes, please.

Now, for those who asked, this was not ever intended to be a Christmas surprised which I didn’t get out in time. I do like putting out a Christmas chapter every few years if the timing works out, like the one in Not My Kink. But on the whole, I figure we all have other things to keep us occupied at that time of year. Bon Chat has nothing to do with Christmas, other than in the most subtextual way: Cartier, Paris plays a big role and of course Cartier, Gotham is a pivotal location in Bruce and Selina’s relationship, going back to that first Christmas encounter in Cattitude. So there might be some subconscious associations at work, but only Feline Logic would declare that a Christmas tale. What it is is… a snack. Sometimes we all enjoy sitting down to a big elaborate meal, but more often, we want a yummy little bite. A light snack. Bon Chat is a light snack.

Another yummy tidbit…

Joker has set up a Ha-Hacienda in the Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second Life. You know Batman isn’t going to let that remain for long. The Hacienda will be up for ONE WEEK ONLY. Come see it now, or Harley will pout.

Chris Dee

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P.S. No, I did not see The Cape yet. That pesky real life thing again. I will catch the pilot once it’s posted on NBC’s website, and for there is already a thread in the CT forum. See you there.

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