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The Week in Cat-Tales

March 14, 2011

It was an amazing week kicking off the 10th Anniversary of Cat-Tales. A book signing, Cat-Tales the Graphic Novel Prologue release in Second Life, Capes and Bats got a new cover, released its final heart-pounding installment, and became the first Cat-Tales spinoff to go out as an ebook and downloadable pdf. Selected spinoffs have also been added to the site, and would you believe it, I even made some headway on Trophies… Whew, you’d think I’d be tired, but not even close.

It was wonderful meeting the new folks who made it into Second Life for the book signing at the Virtual Visitor Center. At the ribbon-cutting, I officially added the GN Prologue to the gift bags available there—drop in any time, there’s no need to wait for an event. For those unfamiliar with Second Life, books of this kind you can either display in world, like a coffee table book in your home, read and turn pages that way, or else attach to your HUD and read that way at any time. Anyone who visited on the 8th received an exclusive signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition, and anyone who missed it—don’t worry, there will be more signings and more Cat-Tales releases in this popular SL-format.

There should also be more TIME at future signings for anyone who wants to tour the sim with me or get some help with their avatar and other aspects of the Second Life experience. I didn’t have much time on the 8th because, frankly, I had no idea how many people would come. But from here on out, events will be much more laid back.

Capes and Bats… what can I say? If you haven’t read the final installment
Dark Knight Toccata yet, chills. It will give you chills. The faint of heart are advised to read before sundown, by the way. You also might want to make some garlic bread and have some holy water on hand, just in case.

So… what’s next? Tomorrow we’ll begin A Look Back. Revisit a favorite scene from each year of Cat-Tales. And Thursday another book signing for Cat-Tales #2: Normal.

Hm? I passed over Wednesday? Well, we’ll just have to see if something related to a giant penny might happen then.

Chris Dee

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