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Gallery Spotlight: Roxy Rocket

March 25, 2013

Roxanne Sutton, aka Roxy Rocket.  When I did a Blogtalk interview a few years back, I learned Roxy was intended to be “the next Harley Quinn” when she was introduced in Batman: the Animated Series.  It was news, but I wasn’t particularly surprised.  When something is successful, it’s natural to try to do it again – but to pull it off, you need to understand what made the original successful.  It’s not unusual for Batman-related efforts to blow it on that last part. It’s not unusual for creators to reproduce the wrong elements of a successful character or storyline.  Poor Roxy.

Roxy Rocket in the Cat-Tales Gallery

This commission by Remidar was such a good portrait image, it freed me up to go in a different direction with Roxy’s official character portrait.

Harley Quinn was created for and voiced by Arleen Sorkin, which brought a lot of fun and quirkiness to the party which had been all but outlawed in Post-Crisis, Burtonized Gotham. More importantly, appealing as she was, she was not burdened creating her own star power. She walked in alongside the biggest name in the Rogues Gallery, and it was her interactions with Joker, and later with Poison Ivy, that gave the character room to develop.

Not so Roxy, who was just tossed out there without any connections to anyone or anything. If she’s had a better run in Cat-Tales, it’s because of her interactions with the established Rogues. Her inherited daredevil recklessness complimented by a burning desire to achieve that stature as one of them (as her creators intended) and lurking insecurity because she hasn’t…

“Parking is for wimps”
Roxy’s official Cat-Tales Character Portrait stresses her penchant for bringing destruction, even (especially) at the Iceberg.

Sleeping with Oswald Cobblepot (Knight Before Christmas), posing as Jervis’s respectable non-criminal fiancé to fool his Aunt Maud (Something Borrowed), and most memorably, getting into an epic girl-on-girl dust up with Poison Ivy – maybe the best instance of how Roxy can go off when her fragile position among the rogues is threatened.  An episode that was so rip-roaringly loaded with visuals wanting to be seen, our resident Poser artist Thundering Monkey became a Poser artist – literally taught himself the program – just to make this slideshow filmlet happen.


So here’s the truth, Pammy, direct from me to you: a healthy red-blooded guy will grab at anything once, particularly if it’s rubbing up and down on him like a three-dollar whore. That’s not true love, it’s not even grooving on your lemon scented beauty. It’s just what they do.
-Roxy Rocket, An Iceberg Tale


Spotlight – World’s Finest: Red Cape, Big City

November 29, 2012

This one tops a lot of Favorite lists, especially the Favorite Comedies.

And why not?  The back story involves the Roxy-Ivy catfight from a previous tale – a catfight that took place in the middle of the Iceberg Lounge, in front of TV cameras – and not surprisingly became the #1 download on Kazaa, and the editing project for hundreds of teenage boys whose efforts went on to set download records of their own.

The Roxy-Ivy Catfight from An Iceberg Tale

The Roxy-Ivy Catfight from An Iceberg Tale

As the star of this humiliating internet sensation, Poison Ivy is less than thrilled.  Her efforts to fix the situation coincide with Clark Kent’s visit to Gotham to finalize a publishing deal.  Along with Lois.  And oh yes, he really thinks it’s time Bruce and Selina tie the knot.

Add in Miriam Nash, practicing witch and proprietor of the finest covert magick shop north of New Orleans, an underworld goddess with two faces, and a city full of gargoyles who could really do without Batman’s grapnel slicing into their tender parts every time he swings from building to building…

“Goodnight, Kitten.”

“Goodnight, my Dark…”

Something was wrong.  I felt a cold shiver.  I didn’t know what at first.  Something was just… wrong.  I thought of Azrael for some reason, the Imposter, in that cowl, pretending he was Batman.  It was that same sick feeling, a crazy kind of panic sparking deep beneath the surface, ready to erupt any second but held in check for the moment by the cold shiver getting colder by the minute.

My fingers were so cold… against the warmth of Bruce’s chest… and then the realization came, right underneath those cold fingertips, I knew what was wrong.

“When did these heal?” I whispered.  “Bruce, the scars on your chest…”  Four parallel scratches. Mine.  They’ve been there for years.  Now suddenly—

I’ve never been afraid of him.  Not of Batman and certainly not of Bruce.  But at that moment, I couldn’t even know if this was Bruce.  He got out of bed in icy silence, walked into the bathroom and turned on the light.  I only saw a bit of color reflected in the mirror, flesh tone, blur of movement, more flesh tone.  Then he came back.  With the additional light from the bathroom I could see at once, the scars were all gone.  His chest, legs, back… all completely unscathed.

Oh yeah, did I mention the magick runestone?  I’d say we’ve got us the makin’s.

You can read World’s Finest: Red Cape, Big City online on the Cat-Tales website or download it to go as an ebook or in high-quality pdf for printing.

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