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Happy Anniversary, Cat-Tales

March 8, 2013

It was March 8, 2001 when Chris Dee posted Chapter 1 of Cat-Tales 1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.  Today, the popular Bataman series celebrates its 12th Anniversary by cutting the ribbon on the new Fan Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.


“If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t been paying attention while I squee about it), we have new categories for Character Portraits, Sculpture, and even cosplay. If you HAVE seen the new gallery, you haven’t seen the new pieces – more from old favorites like Remidar and Anya Uribe, a brand new artist Shisa Ai making her debut on the Cat-Tales gallery with an exhibit of Catwoman: Black & White.”
–Chris Dee

As an added treat, the website has updated an old Ask Catwoman feature for the occasion, finally answering a question about the most-asked about topic: Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg.

Ask Catwoman


Gallery Spotlight: Hello, Legs

October 23, 2012
Leggy Purple Catwoman: City of Heroes

City of Heroes

Hello, Legs!  Today’s spotlight for 3D/cgi week is from City of Heroes, and a very leggy kitty she is.


Gallery Spotlight: Catvid-Now she’s just messing with me

October 22, 2012

Kicking off 3D Week in the Gallery spotlights with this little number from an artist called “Thundering Monkey*”

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

I call this one Catvid-Now she is just messing with me

What’s remarkable here is the way this picture captures the playful nature, the style and sass that should be fundamental in any portrayal of Catwoman but eludes so many non-digital portrayals where it should be easy to convey. Missing there, but we’ve got it here, because TM is just that good.

Inspired by Catfight, where we learned that Batman has a number of security videos of Catwoman in action, the names of which indicate recreational rather than professional interest, such as Catvid-Legs.

*whom regular readers may remember from when his guest blog here Bad Yeti


Gallery Spotlight – Catwoman: Kick Ass

October 17, 2012
Kick Ass Catwoman

Kick Ass Catwoman by Remidar

Nobody Puts Catwoman in a binder.

Eh, I mean, today’s spotlight is Catwoman:Kick Ass by Remidar from her solo gallery, a companion piece to yesterday’s Batman: Patrol.  I know we all like jumping up and down on the hashtag of the moment, but I would really, really advise against trying to stick her in a binder.


Gallery Spotlight – Catwoman: Whip

October 15, 2012
Catwoman: Whip by Atticus

Catwoman: Whip by Atticus

“Catching me wasn’t the difficulty, as I remember. The problem seemed to be that you didn’t know what to do with me.”


Gallery Spotlight: Drop It

October 12, 2012
Batman and Catwoman Drop it (drawing, digital) by gaff1229

Batman Drop it (drawing, digital) by gaff1229

It’s a quintessentially Cat-Tales Batman and Catwoman in today’s Gallery Spotlight by gaff1229 entitled “Drop it.”

Why?   Well she’s properly purple and he’s got a lip-twitch.


Gallery Spotlight: Batman and Catwoman Kissing

October 9, 2012
Batman and Catwoman Kissing

Batman and Catwoman Kissing by Selina Enriquez

Yesterday’s featured piece of fan art had Batman and Catwoman arguing.  In Gallery Spotlights as in life, those two can go from fighting to kissing in record time.  And of course, the more heated the one, the hotter the other.

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