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Cat-Tales Update: The Gotham Rogues

November 28, 2011

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Now that we’re done with turkey and shopping, it’s back to Gotham.  Where was it we left off in The Gotham Rogues?

Batman and Catwoman were staging some pretty graphic sex for the benefit of… The Gotham Post!  Yes, the goings on at DC have been acknowledged once more in Cat-Tales, with the usual CT spin, of course.

Batman and Catwoman having Sex in Cat-Tales

This time our pals at the Post aren’t getting it wrong because of any failing on their part, this time they’re caught up in a Batman protocol, poor bastards, and doing exactly what Bruce intends for them to do.

Batman and Catwoman have sex for the benefit of traffic cameras as part of a protocol in The Gotham Rogues

But there is more going on in Gotham than even Batman know, and tensions between the Rogues and the Mobs have never been higher.  Where was it we left off again?  Oh yeah, it went something like:  BOOM!

The Gotham Rogues versus The Gotham Mobs in the current Cat-Tale, The Gotham Rogues by Chris Dee

That was a nasty place for the “To be continued” wasn’t it?  But Chapter 2 is here at last.  Have at!

The Gotham Rogues Chapter 2: The Classic Error on the Main CT Website  and on Mobile-friendly Cat-Tales Mobi.


Leave the Gun, Take the Catwoman

August 17, 2011

Cat-Tales Catwoman Fan Fiction by Chris Dee: Carmine Falcone, the Godfather

Monday was a crazy-busy day for Cat-Tales.  First, we had the release of Comedy of Errors latest installment: Chapter 5 – Frank Pentangelli.  For those who can’t place the name, “Frankie Five Angels” was the caporegime in The Godfather Part II who stayed in the east, running The Corleone Family in New York after Michael moved the family to Nevada.  He’s a great touchstone back to the first film, the family as they were and how much they’ve changed… That’s not exactly why he’s the title of the chapter.  For that you’ll have to read it.  Anyway, the new chapter is out, and it contained quite a surprise, the significance of which will be playing out for a while…

Chris Dee on The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan, The Catwoman Costume Controvercy, and the Godfather

Perhaps because it was on my mind, The Godfather also figured prominently in my last Blogcritics piece: Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman’s Goggles, and an Offer You Can’t Refuse.  You know, it’s not easy making a movie in 2011.  Everybody on the street has a phone, every phone has a camera and half of them are prelinked to share the goods on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube before a PA can yell “HEY, you shouldn’t be back… here.”  But before we start feeling too bad for all Chris Nolan is going through trying to shoot The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, consider that 40 years ago before any of the social networks and fanboy complications, things were… so much worse!

And finally, it was Jim Balent’s birthday, and one of my favorite DeviantArt Catwoman artists, Aichan25, made a wonderful birthday tribute to the creator of the original Catwoman #1 oh-so-sexy purple Catwoman

Jim Balent Catwoman Purple Catwoman Costume: Happy Birthday Mr. Balent by Aichan25

That’s Aichan25, remember that name because there is a lot more art to come in the coming months at Catwoman Fan Art Gallery on the Cat-Tales website, and at the virtual exhibit spaces in Second Life.

Chris Dee


Monday Again. Time for The Week in Cat-Tales

May 3, 2010

Chapter’s done! It should go up later today. Still waiting on a beta who is, in all probability, still hungover from a wild Beltane weekend. So we’ll see. It’s coming soon.

There’s also still lots going on behind the scenes, stuff I can’t talk about yet, unfortunately, but I can say it’s going to be a wild and wacky summer for Cat-Tales. The heavy lifting IS over, however, so it shouldn’t be taking time away from the writing for a good long while. But as long as we’re on the subject of my crazy schedule, I did receive one suggestion which I’d like to open up to the forum regulars and blog followers. It doesn’t happen often, but I do occasionally go into these very busy periods where several weeks may pass between chapter updates. It was whispered in my ear that we could have some kind of entertainment in that hiatus, like reposting a favorite scene from the early tales. Given the incredible reception to the flashback tale Do No Harm, that seems like a very good idea. There is certainly a lot of interest in and affection for those early stories.

Now, I’d like to do something more than just pull a scene and say “Here. Summer rerun!” I’d like to make it an event, an opening for current readers to roll up their sleeves and get creative like we all did for the 5th Anniversary contests. So what if I pulled a scene as an invitation for fan material based on it? “Here’s the set-up. Make a faux motivation poster, write a drabble intersecting it from a minor character’s POV, make an animated icon or even a youtube video if you’ve got the equipment and expertise.” Anything you can think of, whatever occurs to you, and at the end of, say, two weeks, we’ll take all the submissions and have a big chat party or something. Anyone interested?

On an unrelated matter, a new era has begun at Marvel Comics. We all knew the most interesting aspect of the Disney buy (other than Karma catching up to someone we don’t care for) was the union of Marvel heroes with the Juggernaut that is Disney Marketing and Merchandising. If you’re on the right mailing lists, you’ll already have seen their arrival in Disney Stores nation(world?)wide.

Income Stream, this is Marvel. Marvel, this is…. Ooo, you look scared. Okay, Marvel, just stay calm. Breathe into this paper bag for a few. Now, you see that big green tidal wave coming at you? Don’t be alarmed, it’s just the untapped potential which has been there all along, snuggled inside the love people have for these characters–which your old overlords didn’t know how to harness because, apparently, they think that love is something to trample and mock rather than cultivate.

Really, don’t be scared. I know this is a new idea for most of you. All it means is that the excitement and energy and good will generated by something like a major motion picture about one of your characters will now FUNNEL RIGHT INTO YOU!

Now then, if there is another comics executive out there who, just speaking hypothetically, was unable to ride the wave of a record-breaking viral followed by a record-breaking box office… who, so far from capitalizing on a flagship character’s popularity soaring to unprecedented heights, actually LOST MARKET in that critical period… that individual should be scared. Because Disney is about to school his parent company as well as his peers about this thing called The Customer.

(It helps if you imagine the following in that Mickey Mouse voice)

The customer is not the enemy. The customer is the one with the money. Trying to think up ways to piss the customer off even more than last time, that isn’t what we do here. Ha-ha. That KEEPS the money in their pocket, y’see, and that’s not the idea. Seriously guys, you should have had this in class.

A cat person probably shouldn’t say this, but some days, I just love that little mouse.

Chris Dee

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New Chapter Day!

March 29, 2010

Three words:  Chapter 4 – Racecar!

Yes, chapter 4 of Don’t Fear the Joker is upon us, with both couples returning to the Wayne Manor and Ha-Hacienda after the events of Chapter 3.  There’s been all kinds of speculation, but as soon as I get this posted… well, you’ll see.

Speaking of the chapter release, it was time for a new update of Cat-Tales news for the little SitePal widget, and I had a bit of a time recording it.  You might not think it if you open the window, but apparently it’s Springtime out there.  At least as far as the pollen index.  Just enough to give me some oddball congestion in my one ear over the weekend.  Honest to god, felt like I just took a long plane ride and forgot to swallow.  So I’m really not sure how bad my voice sounded.  I do know it’s not the best time for plants to be getting on my bad side.  I mean, there’s a chapter 5 that comes after 4, and a chapter 6 that comes after that.  The title of the story is Don’t Fear the Joker.  You hear what I’m sayin’, Pammy?

Okay, moving on.  It’s hard to imagine there could be something more besides coming back from a hiatus with a shiny new Joker chapter, but if you check your calendars, you’ll see April 1 is coming up.  And it seems that since the first year that Gotham After Dark became the Metropolis Tourist Bureau, there’s a small, deeply disturbed following wondering what will happen next.  Not to worry, SDDFs, I found a few minutes to whip up something appropriate for the message boards.

And finally *checking the time* work will resume on that pesky TBA just as soon as the chapter is launched.  Which is why I can’t dawdle making this morning’s entry more amusing.  Ciaomeow, everybody.

Chris Dee

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