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Liberté, égalité, fraternité – NOT

January 8, 2013

One of the first things we learned in Wayne Rises was that Hollywood isn’t any better than the tabloids when it comes to depicting Catwoman’s social background, let alone her social politics.   As Selina herself put it “I’m not A Tale of Two Cities, I’m The Philadelphia Story. ‘The prettiest sight in this pretty world is the privileged class enjoying its privileges.’


And yet, the allusions to France and french things continued throughout the tale.  More than once we were reminded of Selina’s first lover – and partner in crime – François de Poulignac, along with his wine Chateau de Poulignac, french food, french fashion, french cinema–and oh yes, some perfectly grisly burglaries that had been taking place in Paris.  Nobody seems to have remembered those – except Batman.

How does it all connect to Falstaff, his plot against the Wayne Tech and the cat burglar who’s been robbing the guests during each and every one of the charity balls benefiting the Wayne Foundation?  The answers are here at last in Wayne Rises Chapter 8: Appeler un Chat un Chat


Wayne Rises 7: Trap

December 17, 2012

Cat-Tales readers know I’m a huge Aaron Sorkin fan.  So much so that I named one of the tales for an episode of Sports Night called “Napoleon’s Plan” and included a significant homage.  But here’s the thing, what SN anchor Casey McCall describes as Napoleon’s plan: “First we show up, then we see what happens,”  that’s really not Batman’s style.

Waiting, reacting, it’s not his way and he doesn’t like it.  At this point in Wayne Rises, there is only one Wayne Foundation fundraising gala left, and the cat burglar is still free.  It’s time to get proactive.  And so…


Wayne Rises – Chapter 7: Trap.


Wayne Rises Chapter 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror

October 19, 2012

Bruce and Selina in Wayne Rises 5: Interlude at the Bathroom MirrorI could have dropped a hint or two that the new chapter was almost ready, particularly when I posted such a stunner of a Bruce/Selina pic this morning, seeing that it is their civilian lives which are the focus of the current tale’s intrigue.  But I decided to let it be a surprise.  And so, without warning…


The cat burglar has struck again –during the third ball of the Wayne Foundation Elemental Fete, just as everyone feared. The Water Ball was followed by a third daring robbery, and that’s not even the worst of it as Gregorian Falstaff is ready to make his move… in Wayne Rises Part 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror



Wayne Rises Part 3 – Deja vu All Over Again – Again!

September 6, 2012

As promised! The Wayne Foundation Elemental Fete – and more importantly Bruce and Selina’s dance – picks up right where we left off…

Bruce and Selina in Wayne Rises-Chapter 3-Deja vu All Over Again - Again


Previously on Wayne Rises

September 6, 2012

I never get to do those “Previously on Cat-Tales” montages, and that is a shape because on occasions like this, that moment where we left off surprised a lot of readers as much as it did Selina…

Previously on Cat-Tales: Wayne Rises

And it is more Bruce and Selina than Batman and Catwoman at the heart of this present tale.  At least it has been, but that could change if a certain cat burglar strikes again in Wayne Rises Part 3: Deja vu All Over Again–Again!

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