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Cat-Tales Scenes

December 20, 2013

One of those facts of life certain creators would rather die than admit: some stories, some characters and some situations have more juice than others.  Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered and all of a sudden there are 78 proposals for Data-centric stories.  For Lt. Yar?  3.

In Cat-Tales, I’ve noticed the two stories that generate the most artwork and artwork requests are Not My Kink and The Gotham Rogues.  They’re the source for the chessmen and catarang that just went on display in the Virtual Visitor Center, as well as inspiring multiple images in the new Scenes gallery.

Yes, we have a Scenes gallery now, under Character Portraits, and let me explain why.  Consider Georgina Barnes, a cover that was introduced for Selina to infiltrate a few Wall Street firms in Not My Kink.  She resurrected the cover as part of the con in Electron 29 and maybe that’s what gave Bruce the idea to create Gina O’Malley in The Gotham Rogues.  Gina is a grifter Matches Malone was searching for who only becomes Georgina to get into places like BankLink and CashPulse.  Bruce said he only needed a few pictures for Matches to circulate as an excuse to get close to the Westies, but I think we all suspected the lady herself would be making an appearance before long at the Downpatrick Carpentry Club.

Bruce-and-Selina-as-Matches-and-GinaThat’s a complicated history to sum up in a traditional portrait, and so — new gallery.  In addition to Matches and Gina, we have another artifact from The Gotham Rogues – that famous chess board again, this time with Eddie waiting…

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Did I mention that in addition to certain stories that keep turning up in the artwork, certain characters do as well.  You’d think it would be Harley or Poison Ivy but nope, it’s our anagraming Mr. Nigma.  Two wallpapers he appears in – scenes from Not My Kink (again) and The Gotham Post – are also linked in the new gallery.  As is… oh dear.


Zatanna and Riddler vying for Houdini’s Tome of Secrets in Cat-Tales: Secrets


Those Wonderful Toys

December 17, 2013

A chess set fashioned after the Gotham Rogues, undoubtedly a creation of The Z.  Riddler used it as a snappy little prop/conversation starter for a sitdown with Batman in (fittingly) The Gotham Rogues when Joker, Poison Ivy, Clayface and the others were his weapons in the war with the Gotham mobs.

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

“Interesting choice. Most people would have made him the king.”
“Most people are idiots,” Riddler observed. “King is not only the weakest piece on the board, he’s the most predictable. Moves one square, can’t put himself in check, and because he’s so gosh-darn important, he doesn’t move at all until there are no options left. Bishop, on the other hand, can wreak havoc just by existing. Move the pawn sitting in front of him, it’s a whole new game board.”
Behind Batman’s mask, Bruce looked up sharply. It was a shockingly brilliant analysis.
“Diagonal moves,” Batman noted. “Psychologically more erratic, amidst the squares and straight lines of the board.”
Eddie shook his head, dissatisfied with the idea.
“No, to play that game, the most psychologically irrational movement is the knight’s… I didn’t want to do that. You were going to see it. That seemed… needlessly rude.”

Too tantalizing to retire, it showed up again in Inside an Enigma, and now it’s back again – this time on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center in Second Life.

Also on display, a Catarang.  In Not My Kink Catwoman takes over Batman’s patrol while Bruce recovers from an injury (in Armchair Detective).  By Week 5, she’s earned a little gift.

Catarang from Not My Kink in the Virtual Visitor Center

I never realized he made the first batarangs himself. I’ve used Kittlemeier from day one for my things. But this, he made it himself.

Such a sweet scene. Of course the deceptively idyllic moment couldn’t last, but that year the chapter that was “a short and sweet taste of life in the Batcave” made a Christmas present for readers who hadn’t had a holiday tale for quite some time.

Both items are on display for a limited time Virtual Visitor Center.


Leatherbound: A King’s Gambit

December 3, 2012

Cat-Tales old-timers will remember MyklarCure who penned the Justice League spinoff JLAin’t. He collaborated on Red Cape, Big City and Casefile 00000-001, and is an all-around “friend of the show” as Stephen Colbert says. Myk hasn’t been a visible presence around the CTU for a number of years – for the very best of reasons. He went back to school, studying computer animation, and has amassed quite the little collection of screen credits in the short time since he graduated. He’s now got an indy movie of his own that he is involved with.


Leatherbound: A King’s Gambit has a Kickstarter Page right here, and I am asking anyone who has enjoyed Myk’s work to head on over and watch the video. If you like what you see and are able to pledge a few dollars, great. If not, you can help by spreading the word. “Share on your social networks” as they say. Like it, tweet it, +1 or stumble it. Whatever you do.

If you like Cat-Tales, you like a good story. And if you know Myk, you know anything he attaches his name to will be a good story.

Leatherbound also has a Facebook page. Like it early, like it often.  😉


The Gotham Rogues: Watch the Tigers Fight

April 9, 2012

batman-bane-the-gotham-roguesIt’s the video trailer for the next installment of  Cat-Tales: The Gotham Rogues – Against Belief

Gotham has been torn by war before between The Gotham Rogues and the Gotham Mobs, in The Dark Knight, in The Long Halloween, but the war between Batman’s theme villains and organized crime has never played out quite like it’s happening in Cat-Tales.

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