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Gallery Spotlight: Street Patrol

April 4, 2013

When we hear Cosplay, we mostly think of posed shots, either with a smiling character on a convention floor, or in beautifully staged scenes like the previously featured pair: Shadow of the Bat and of Catwoman vs Azrael inspired by the Knightfall / Knightquest era comics.

That’s why I was so excited to have a few pieces like Batman: Street Patrol which doesn’t seem posed or contrived at all.

Batman on patrol

Street Patrol by Underground Justice League Alliance from the Cosplay Gallery at

Indeed, it looks like a random person spotted Batman one night and hastily took the best picture they could.  But for all the appearance of spontaneity, there is quite a lot of craft in this composition.  Note how just enough definition on the cape and ears and just enough reflection on the cowl to say ‘Batman.”


Gallery Spotlight: Catwoman vs Azrael

February 27, 2013

A companion piece to yesterday’s featured pic: In The Shadow of the Bat,  seasoned readers  of DC Comics may remember the image from the cover of Batman 504 Knightquest: The Crusade.

Catwoman vs Azrael

Catwoman vs Azrael by Paul Cory; DragonCon 2012 inspired by cover of Batman 504 Knightquest: The Crusade © Paul Cory

In Cat-Tales as in DC Comics, the first encounter between Catwoman and Azrael/AzBat/The Imposter/Pheromones/That $@(*! Thing in the Batman costume didn’t go so well.  Unlike in the comics, it wasn’t a forgotten bit of nonsense but is an ongoing plotpoint that continues to affect the relationship between the characters.

“In addition to the flashbacks dealing with the first Catwoman-AzBat meeting in Blueprints and Armchair Detective, Selina’s lingering animosity towards Jean Paul Valley and Azrael are dealt with in Strange Bedfellows where they do manage to work together, String Theory where temporal rifts bring back Az & JP’s maddest and saddest moments from that time, 00000-001 where Jean Paul Valley for all his shortcomings rates a spot in Bruce’s hidden safe, and although the focus is more on Bane, the Knightfall/Knightquest period is touched on most recently and dramatically in The Gotham Rogues.”


Gallery Spotlight: In the Shadow of the Bat

February 26, 2013

Since the binge on Cosplay Appreciation Day, I took a break from spotlighting some of the stunning photography and costumes featured in our Fan Galleries on the Cat-Tales website, but it’s time to remedy that.  Because some expansion is now underway: new artists coming in, new pieces coming in from old artists, and as a tease of the goodies to come – a pair of cosplay pics from DragonCon 2012 that simply must be seen…

Catwoman in the classicly perfect, iconic and purple Jim Balent costume in the shadow of Azrael Batman

Catwoman: In The Shadow of the Bat

Selina has never had a good relationship with “Pheromones” aka “The Imposter” aka “That thing in the Batman costume” aka AzBat, and it pretty much started with that colossally bad first encounter. In Armchair Detective, Selina relives it almost word-for-word as she races home at the news that Bruce is injured “like some poetic Twilight Zone hell where you’re trapped in the worst night of your life for all eternity.”

Although several readers prefer the flashback from Blueprints, when Fate – or perhaps Karma – very kindly reversed that first meeting for her.  Now living at the manor, as at home in the Batcave as Bruce himself, it is she who is lookng down from a catwalk – into the Batmobile hangar where Jean Paul Valley is doing the Bat-clan a favor, picking up a delivery of jet fuel.


Cosplay Appreciation Day: Batman

November 13, 2012
Cosplay Appreciation Day

From one professional to another, pick a better spot, because from this height a fall won’t kill me

I know we’ve already had one spotlight today, but then, well, there was an ass hat, as one is apt to encounter on the Internet.  And rather than responding to trollish asshattery in kind, Gail Simone put a wonderfully positive spin on the whole thing by declaring it


#cosplayappreciationday is trending

#CosplayAppreciationDay.  Head on over to twitter and see the feed, it’s amazing.  (It’s also trending!)

So I returned to the gallery to dig out the best darn Batman Cosplayer I know: I wish I could shout out to him properly, but, uh, I only know him as Matches Malone.

Yes, really.  But he made every bit of that costume himself, and the love shows in every  pixel of every pic.

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