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That Hot Ivan Reis Catwoman Statue Drops Tomorrow @MidtownComics

May 30, 2017

A few months ago when our blog on A Catwoman Renaissance featured a smoking hot Balent-style Catwoman statue from Iron Studios, it was unclear if the breathtaking limited edition based on Ivan Reis would be available in the U.S.

We here at Cat-Tales are delighted to announce they’ve got her at Midtown Comics and

As stated in the original post, Scale 1/10, 18cm, hand-painted, smoking hot. Looks like the whip is separate to carry or drape however you like.  And a much fuller array of pictures in Iron Studios Facebook album.



Gift ideas to make her purr

December 13, 2010

‘Tis the season.  If you’re shopping for someone with a Cat-Tales sensibility (and aren’t the undisclosed buyer of the Platinum Panther Cuff from the Duchess of Windsor’s Cartier collection) then you may want to consider one of the following gift ideas for those of us without the use of Bruce Wayne’s Amex:

A Christmas Miracle:  DC gets it right.  It took them more than 10 years to offer the right costume AND the right attitude, but here she is, from DC Direct: A Classic Catwoman with the Jim Balent costume and a true naughty grin.  If your comic shop is like mine, they were promised waaay back in August, but we have assurances that they are finally here in December, just in time to make your cat-lover purr.

Then there’s the Sony MicroVault, as featured in Cat-Tales  It’s Selina’s very own solution to the bleeding edge Bat-Tech in CT#52: Vault, and it’s also the best little flash-drive you will ever own.  The original,available here, had some compatibility issues, so the next generation might be a better choice.  Either way, there is more than enough room to pack even the smallest purple drive with the complete Cat-Tales Collection of Ebooks.

If you’re fond of another aspect of the Catverse, consider the inspiration for so much of the Catitat in Selina’s favorite show: Big Cat Diary.  The 2-DVD set is Region 2, so if you’re in the U.S. you need the ability to unlock foreign regions on your player.  There are a number of other options, including Video on Demand and an old-fashioned hardcover book.  (Yes, they still sell those at Amazon. I was surprised too.)

And finally, if you can’t find just the right image – you can always commission it.  Dustin Nguyen is one of hundreds of magnificently talented artists who can create images of unspeakable beauty.  If they’re pros, you might never know the “unspeakable beauty” part by what they produce for DC.  They may have a purring purple soul.  You’ll never know until you ask.

Chris Dee

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Previously on Cat-Tales…

March 15, 2010

Originally, this week’s blog was going to be more of a heartbeat message.  As I mentioned, I’m currently working on a client’s book cover and it doesn’t allow for a normal CT-schedule at all.  Got a little writing done, but not much.  Luckily, what this passing situation does allow for is little bubbles of opportunity where I can catch up answering emails and even put in some work on the TBA.  Both are the kind of thing where I don’t have to get into a mode, and can drop it in an instant when the phone rings.  So, moral: downtime in one area (the writing) doesn’t have to be downtime across the board.

So does that make this a “When life gives you lemons” entry?  Not really.  I don’t consider the bookcover lemons, for one thing.  I guess it’s just an ordinary Monday entry, closing out the books on a slow week and opening a new one what should be a much more exciting one.
My friends who visited EmeraldCon and MegaCon this weekend also remind us that the first of those two DC Actually-gets-it-right Classic-Purple-Balent-Costume Naughty-Grin Figures comes out at the end of the month, so make sure your comic shop knows you want one.  Meow.

Chris Dee

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Oh, FWIW, the friend at EmeraldCon said he was amazed at the money being spent, which is the best economic news I’ve heard in 2 years. Here’s hoping – for Balent-Naughty Grin-Kitty and her whopping $99 price tag, sure, but also for those comic shops that have managed to weather the storm this long.

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