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The Summer in Cat-Tales: My Precious, The Bat Walapang, The Dark Knight Rises and the Return of the Gotham Post

September 4, 2011

It’s been forever since I did one of those weekly updates, hasn’t it?  Let’s see, what all has been happening…

I got a new laptop, henceforth to be known as My Precious. As long-time readers are aware, the previous laptop was originally known as Precious, but as Adobe Programs and Second Life videos began clogging up its innards, it came to be known as “the workhorse” and finally as “that $#@^*&@^*! @&&*$# *}}@\&*(!!!!” While this may not seem like Cat-Tales news, getting set up on the new machine did take a bite out of writing time somewhere between Chapters 3 and 4. On the up side, new screen width for me tends to mean new wallpapers for everybody,  If you haven’t sought out Cat-Tales on Facebook, be sure to come like us to unlock some exclusive high-def wallpapers. Meow!

The 10th Anniversary is still under way, and our Look Back at Year 6 and the bat Walapang brought an interesting question to the Ask Catwoman feature.

That Nolan guy is making a Catwoman movie, er, I mean, you know, a third Dark Knight movie, and that led to a few pieces I wrote for outside sites.  Not Cat-Tales-specific, but let’s call them Cat-Tales-adjacent: Why Ninjas Don’t Wear Purple and Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman’s Goggles, and an Offer You Can’t Refuse at Blog Critics and O for a muse of #fire at Red Room.

batman-detective-comics-532 RIP Gene Colan one of the great Batman artists

The news isn’t all good, unfortunately.  Gene Colan died in June, and it threw something of a pall over DC’s Retroactive Batman.  More than one person mentioned that Tom Mandrake, the artist brought back for Batman of the 1970s issue was more of an 80s artist, and the sad fact was, he was used for the 70s because many the real stars of that earlier decade are gone.  Colan, like Aparo, drew the Batman many of us grew up with.  He drew a magnificent Catwoman too, and oh yes, of special interest to Cat-Tales fans, he drew Nocturna and Nightslayer, aka Natasha “damn that woman can work a metaphor” and Anton “looks like a potato” de Nuit.


Most of all his covers are alive with movement and energy we seldom see anymore.  His passing was a loss, but a reason to go back and look at those wonderful old pages, to post them in our blogs, and, frankly, to show the AH fanclub what great comic art actually looks like.

And finally, speaking of covers, something I really thought would have passed unnoticed but since a few eagle-eyed readers caught it…

Cat-Tales: Comedy of Errors concluded last week in a farcical extravaganza that, as one reader put it, owes more to Hepburn, Lombard and the screwball comedies of the 30s than the Shakespearean title implies, and now “all we need is a leopard.”  (Long story if you don’t know the classic Bringing Up Baby, but take my word for it, considering who we’re talking about, it’s apt.)  Thing is, the latest Cat-Tale owes a little something else to somewhere else.  As more-than-casual readers are aware, Cat-Tales began by lampooning developments in DC Comics as the lies and distortions of a tabloid called The Gotham Post—up until the end of Cat-Tale #46, also called “The Gotham Post.”  In that final chapter when Eddie says “Fuck the Post,” that is pretty much the end of DC Comics mentions in Cat-Tales—up until last week.  The gag with Oswald replacing the staid and conservative Gotham Times distributed by the hotel with a sensational Post displaying a hot Batman/Catwoman kiss on the cover is indeed based on this cover in the solicitations for October or November’s comics, the rebooted and relaunched Catwoman

Everyone, please calm down.

I don’t know anything about the relaunch beyond what I said back in April in Retro-Active and Reichenbach Falls.  I don’t even know if it’s Retro-Active or Retroactive, what the difference is between that and Flashpoint, or what if anything is the difference between a relaunch and a reboot.  I. Don’t.  Know.  If I did, I’m sure I couldn’t tell you or I’d have to kill you, but since I don’t, not an issue.  All I can say is that a friend showed me that cover, and since Bat and Cat were already on the table in Oswald’s machinations against the imagined Bruce-Selina wedding, I tossed it in. That’s all.

As Oswald said: It wasn’t part of the original wreck-the-wedding plans, but one doesn’t let a gift like that pass unused.

It doesn’t mean we’re back to Cat-Tales #1 and regular commentary on the machinations of The Gotham Post.  It doesn’t mean I’m reading again.  It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the very real Possibility #3 laid out in that Reichenbach Falls entry.  It is simply too early to say.  I do think the world of DC’s creative director Geoff Johns, and this blog has seen an actual love letter to Jim Lee.

I wish them both all the luck in the world as the Matt Albie and Danny Tripp of DC Comics.  Break a leg, guys.

Chris Dee


Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit?

September 1, 2011

catwoman-selina-kyle-anne-hathaway-princess-little-girls-castles-when-i-grow-up-i-want-to-be-2Goggles aside, Catwoman fans and Cat-Tales fans in particular have three very good reasons to be excited about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. We can’t know what’s in the script, naturally, but there were two recent episodes that lead me to believe that, as far as the actress is concerned, this is a Catwoman we can get behind.

Most of us made the acquaintance of the beautiful 28-year-old actress waaay back in 2001 when she starred opposite Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries. At the time, Anne told Access Hollywood, “a lot of questions that I used to get asked were, ‘So, every girl when she grows up wants to be a princess, did you want to be a princess when you grew you?’ And I so wish I’d said what I felt back then, because the truth was, ‘No, I wanted to be Catwoman!’ And now I am… That dream came true, for sure.”

That’s it. Game. Set. Match.

She wanted to be Catwoman. The way some little girls dream of fairy tale castles, handsome princes, white weddings and My Little Pony (not necessarily in that order), some of us dreamed of being Catwoman. When modern comics have gone off the rails, it’s because they forgot that core truth: we want to be these characters. Look, up in the sky, it’s Superman! You’re a kid, you’re small, you’re weak. Imagine being able to fly! Imagine being strong enough to pick up a train and hurl it like a javelin! We grow up wanting to be these characters.

Ms. Hathaway has clearly not forgotten. “That dream came true, for sure.” So far, so good.

Now obviously there is only so much an actress can do if the material misses the mark. Back when Tim Burton was making Batman Returns, Sean Young was clearly in touch with her childhood dream to be Catwoman. Her stunts to get Burton’s attention got her a ‘crazy actress’ label and no role, but there is perhaps a better insight into the desire we girls have to become that powerful and sexy feline fatale than there is in what actually hit the screen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Burton’s movies at the time, but his Gotham is, by his own admission “a freak show” and his Batman and Catwoman are the very much product of that era’s comics: damaged freaks that no sane person would want to be. His Catwoman’s power, like so much what comes out of the comics origins, is not a natural part of the woman animal. Selina isn’t simply beautiful and sexy and smart and strong because she is born that way. As if beautiful, witty and savvy women don’t occur in nature, her amazing power to make the Dark Knight… rise must be explained with an origin. It is, invariably, a reaction against oppression, exploitation, or abuse.

We’re getting back to Anne in a minute, I promise.

How exactly does a smart, sexy, witty and talented woman react when she’s been misrepresented in the press? When she is not a damaged psycho that can only snarl and hiss, when she has a sense of humor and a playful instinct for mischief? In Cat-Tales, Selina uses her celebrity as Catwoman to mount an off-Broadway show and uses that spotlight to call out the tabloids about the lies they tell about Batman, about Catwoman, and what really goes on in Gotham after dark.

It’s not exactly the same, but Anne Hathaway recently appeared on Conan and vented her frustrations with the paparazzi – seriously – in a rap in the style of Lil’ Wayne.

anne-hathaway-catwoman-selina-kyle-rapping-paparazzi-on-conanThat’s… Selina!

That’s my Selina. I don’t know what Messers Nolan, Nolan, and Goyer have written for her, but that woman could play the Selina Kyle of Cat-Tales without bothering to act.

Back when the casting was first announced, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perf…

Oh wait, I said three reasons, didn’t I?

Sexy. DC Comics is relaunching their universe today and the writer of their new Catwoman comic apparently used the word “sexy” 40 times in an interview. That shouldn’t surprise anyone outside of the comics world. Catwoman = sexy. Everybody knows that. And let’s face it, what we’ve seen of the zip-up biker chick outfit isn’t. But everything we have seen of Ms Hathaway exudes that confidence and good humor, that energy and vivacity that is the essence of sex appeal. I don’t know about still photos, but seeing her interviews of the past few weeks, I think the lady can be sexy wearing sack cloth.

So, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perfect casting as Catwoman and Bane. In the former case, he is 11 months ahead of schedule.

Chris Dee

Article first published as Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit? on Blogcritics.

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