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The week in Cat-Tales – Lego Catwoman sold separately

May 31, 2010

Wow. Just… WOW. Chapter 6 of Don’t Fear the Joker – RELEASED! Yippie! Unfortunately, I missed this Remidar’s release of this stunner from Something Old by about 2 hours…

So even though it didn’t get into the newsletter, it is up in the fan art gallery, and if you haven’t paid a visit recently, GO, lots of lovely new pieces are there.

I also get to do a Josh Lyman victory lap calling VICTORY IS MINE, VICTORY IS MINE! (Bring me the finest bagels and muffins in the land.) My victory? I beat the editing software into submission, which wasn’t nearly the torture test I was expecting, and then got the damn thing exported – which was completely the torture test I was expecting.

Rounded off the week by getting to play some Lego Batman. Now this game is not new, and it’s certainly not in the Arkham Asylum league for eye candy and general Batty goodness, but then it’s not supposed to be, they’re LEGOs. And they’re fun! As Game Radar put it:
“[Lego Indiana Jones] was about paying homage; Batman is about embracing the dizzying, if essentially silly scope of his universe. Sure, it may not revolutionize the LEGO formula, but if this is the price to see Batman finally done some virtual justice, then so be it.”
I know the big disappointment in the original Dave School Lego Batman was the goggle-whore. Lego Batman: The Game has the workaround. The default is still the regrettable biker-chick get-up that is an insult to the good name of Catwoman, but a simple code unlocks a variety of additional characters, including a properly purple Classic Catwoman.

Go to upper level of Batcave
Go to bat computer
Step through to “Enter Code”
To unlock the Classic Catwoman enter: M1AAWW

After that, select her for your first mission, and if she is in the right position among the characters (I think it’s the #4 slot), she’ll be featured on the splash screen introducing the mission. The text gives background on the villain to be faced in that mission, which is Clayface. Ignore that and watch her – let’s just say all the sass and attitude CT readers have come to recognize as the real Catty.

A couple touches that I really enjoyed – in a number of those intro shots, Batman has a twitch smile. Okay, technically it’s an asymmetric mouth (See above, they’re LEGOs) but it LOOKS like a lip-twitch. I also had to laugh when Robin the circus kid walks the batline like a highwire while Batman has to pull himself across underhand.

Happy Cat-Play everyone. See you next week.

Chris Dee

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