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Teaser: Uma Thurman

September 24, 2012
Teaser for Wayne Rises Chapter 4: Uma Thurman

A studio apartment with a picture of Uma Thurman, an Orlandini bracelet, a bowl from Atlantis, funky nail polish, an Oscar de la Renta gown, a headline about a cat burglar, and a DVD of Castle…

What in the name of all things feline and furry does this stuff have in common?

It’s the teaser for the upcoming chapter of Wayne Rises: Uma Thurman.  Stay tuned


Cat-Tales Trailer

May 21, 2011

Finally got around to uploading the video trailer for Cat-Tales, made for our Facebook page.

Chris Dee


This week in Cat-Tales

January 11, 2010

So far, the new year is off to a good start for the catverse. Despite a full court press from RL in the last half of the week, I got the new chapter out, at last. Up to the last minute, I still hadn’t decided whether to present the Do No Harm conclusion as one chapter or two. It is long, which is harder to get away with online than it is on paper. You can bookmark a physical page. If you’re anal (and don’t mind crinkling the paper), you can even slide a paperclip on the exact line you left off on. Scrolling a webpage doesn’t work that way, and not everybody wants to read 20 pages in one sitting. Those were the reasons to slice the chapter in two. But the fact is, it is one chapter whether I published it that way or not. So I opted for honesty in presentation, and I’ll just have to make it up to readers some other time. (I did make an effort to get the pdf and Kindle awz files out asap. Those, at least, can be bookmarked.)

Scheduled the chat for a weekend afternoon this time around. The weekday evenings made for an interesting experiment, but the mailbag has spoken: mid-day EST accommodates the most timezones.

The week also saw another round of fan art updates. Thundering Monkey began a Batman calendar. Behold Mr. Freeze looking more like a Norman Rockwell figure than anyone who’s stared at the business end of a freeze ray would have thought possible…

And Honor Among Cats demonstrating once and for all that costuming is a form of artistic expression as much as drawing, singing, or dancing…

Also, while the new work has nothing to do with Cat-Tales, one of our own has released a new work: Random Equinox (of the latest CT fan tale WoZ) has just begun Accidental Hero of the Galaxy, set in the Mass Effect universe. I highly recommend. Even if you haven’t played Mass Effect, it’s a good read for any scifi or action buff.

Chris Dee

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