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The Femme Fatale has arrived

February 5, 2015
Selina Kyle as Gina O'Malley

Selina Kyle is Gina O’Malley, femme fatale to Batman’s Matches Malone gone deep undercover with the Irish Mob in Cat-Tales: The Neighborhood

‘Got a match?’ Matches Malone inhaled, his eyes lingering just long enough on a delicately suntanned ankle to be tempted upward… The Femme Fatale has arrived in The Neighborhood- Chapter 2: Sitrep.  On the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Gallery Spotlight: Pretty Poison

October 5, 2012
Poison Ivy: Pretty Poison

Poison Ivy: Pretty Poison

Keeping the Femme in Femme Fatale, a very Jessica Rabbit take on Poison Ivy rounds out this week’s Gallery Spotlight on Anya Uribe
with “Pretty Poison”

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