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WCDE Gotham Radio

June 18, 2012

WCDE Gotham Radio

Show of hands, who remembers Ken Motley, morning DJ at WCDE “Motley in the Morning” back announcing a little ditty called The Rabbit Hole in The Dark Knight viral?

Those following the viral know that Ken is out of work after WCDE’s parent company put this guy, Coleman Reese, on the air threatening to reveal Batman’s identity and precipitating the bombing at Gotham General Hospital.

Ken is a little bitter, and a Citizen Against Batman in Episode 3, as the CABbies hunt the Dark Knight at


I Believe in Selina Kyle

June 6, 2012

Readers who were with us in 2008 know that Cat-Tales went all out for The Dark Knight, mounting an elaborate alternate reality game that tied into the official viral campaign, and offered our more adventurous players a chance to taste the actual experience of being an ordinary person living in Gotham City.  That was for a movie centered on Harvey Dent and Joker… right.

This is Selina, who looks a whole lot better in heels.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman - Heels

(No, I’m sorry, Jack, you don’t. Yes, I know you played Frankenfurter in high school, but none of us want to see the pictures… No… I said NO! Jack! Jack, down boy, down!)

Anyway, we had to do something special, unprecedented, and so… Welcome to the Gotham City of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, Cat-Tales style…

Get into the spirit by visiting:

The Gotham Post
(Yes, THAT Gotham Post.  This is really Chris talking, this is really
Cat-Tales.  This is that Gotham Post.  Go.)

GCN: Gotham City News
There’ve been some programming changes since the events of TDK

Wayne Enterprises
I really hope you know what that one is.

The Gotham Rogues
Not the Cat-Tale, the football team!

The Rising Fire
Best darn sports bar in the city

Got all that?  Well, if you don’t want to take all that time (it’s worth it if you do!), you can go straight to where the story will unfold, week by week.


GCN: Can somebody tell Gotham City News to take a Midol

June 3, 2012

GCN take a midol

I understand that living where there’s free speech means that sometimes you get offended.  I understand that not everyone shares my passionately pro-Batman bias.  As an adult, I’m prepared to accept a lot of different points of view on an issue as complex as masked vigilantes.

But calling Batman “a hippie-communist-liberal-art student-internet hacker-immigrant-socialist”  in one breath, and not five minutes later calling him a fascist tool of a right wing oligarchic state?  When The Onion does this, it’s satire.  When it’s GCN, I’ve had it.  I have seriously HAD IT.  Enough already.  Gotham Cable news: TAKE A MIDOL.  Batman exists.  Get the f- over it.

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