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A Girl’s Gotta Eat

July 2, 2012

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It’s the Catwoman that Cat-Tales readers cherish glimpses of, but never got to see at the height of her power. We know Selina misses the old days as The World’s Greatest Cat Burglar – now you can see why, inside her head on a heist that will change her destiny at


Cat Burglar – Wayne Enterprises Connection

June 25, 2012

I’m not saying there is a definite connection here, I don’t claim to be a criminologist.  But a Mr. Jason Thalappille at the Gotham Observer recently ran a story about the slew of burglaries plaguing Gotham City, and this line just happened to pop out at me how so many of the victims seem to be hit when they’re not at home because they’re out attending Wayne-related events.catwoman-cat-burlaries-wayne-enterprises-dark-knight-rises-viralAnd at virtually the same time the Citizens Against Batman operating at Gotham After Dark saw, well, a catwoman-shape on the horizon.  The voting went to follow HER story, and this morning, we see that she is breaking into Wayne Enterprises!

Criminology-minded readers, am I crazy?  Am I imagining this?



I Believed in Harvey Dent

June 12, 2012

I Believed in Harvey Dent

Did you believe in Harvey Dent? So did the latest Citizen Against Batman featured in the new installment of Gotham After Dark


I Believe in Selina Kyle

June 6, 2012

Readers who were with us in 2008 know that Cat-Tales went all out for The Dark Knight, mounting an elaborate alternate reality game that tied into the official viral campaign, and offered our more adventurous players a chance to taste the actual experience of being an ordinary person living in Gotham City.  That was for a movie centered on Harvey Dent and Joker… right.

This is Selina, who looks a whole lot better in heels.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman - Heels

(No, I’m sorry, Jack, you don’t. Yes, I know you played Frankenfurter in high school, but none of us want to see the pictures… No… I said NO! Jack! Jack, down boy, down!)

Anyway, we had to do something special, unprecedented, and so… Welcome to the Gotham City of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, Cat-Tales style…

Get into the spirit by visiting:

The Gotham Post
(Yes, THAT Gotham Post.  This is really Chris talking, this is really
Cat-Tales.  This is that Gotham Post.  Go.)

GCN: Gotham City News
There’ve been some programming changes since the events of TDK

Wayne Enterprises
I really hope you know what that one is.

The Gotham Rogues
Not the Cat-Tale, the football team!

The Rising Fire
Best darn sports bar in the city

Got all that?  Well, if you don’t want to take all that time (it’s worth it if you do!), you can go straight to where the story will unfold, week by week.


Magnus Rex

June 4, 2012

Magnus Rex

The Gotham Rogues are at it again. This time they’ve announced a movie called MAGNUS REX will be sponsoring something or other in the game against the Rapid City Monuments. Much as I want to rail against corporate sponsorship, I can’t here, because that’s simply the cutest bug-eyed quasi-cartoon dinosaur I’ve ever seen. Opens July 20, I’m there.

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