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A Gotham Wind Blew that Night…

January 9, 2015

It’s a video teaser for a soon to begin Cat-Tale…

“A Gotham wind blew that night, picking up a chalky-metal smell off the river that left a taste in your mouth like blood and toothpaste…”

Consider yourselves teased.


Introducing The Walapang Protocol

March 7, 2014

One of the challenges with a series that’s been around as long as Cat-Tales is introducing new people without overwhelming them with it’s length.

Introducing The Walapang Protocol, it’s not just a free pass into the Batcave, it’s a way to meet characters one by one, in bite size snippets that give a a sense of the fun to be had. Bruce – we love him – but his files are a bit… one note. Seeing the Rogues and landmarks of Gotham City through Selina’s eyes will give newcomers some sense of the way Cat-Tales differs from all the dark and gritty Gotham-as-Mordor they’ve come to think of as Batman.


NMK Ink. Part 4: Mercy

December 11, 2013

NMK Ink. Part 4: Mercy

New chapter day!  It would never occur to Lex Luthor that his being in Gotham affects someone other than him. NMK Inc Part 4: Mercy


Midnight Toast

December 31, 2012

New Years Eve, Gotham City


Decorating Gotham

December 15, 2012

The decorations are just going up in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center.  A few photos posted to whet everyone’s appetite.  This Gotham is due for a refurbishment in 2013, so this is the last year it will be looking this way.

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

It isn’t Christmas in Gotham until the tree goes up in Wayne Plaza in front of the Wayne Tower

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

A much smaller tree at the Cat-Tales Visitor Center itself. Do we really need a second tree? Probably not, but it pisses off Poison Ivy, so why not.

Decorating the Gotham of Chris Dee's Cat-Tales

Selina’s favorite, the big bow on Cartier

You can visit the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center and learn more about Chris Dee’s Cat-Tales in Second Life.




Gallery Spotlight – Batman: Patrol

October 16, 2012
Batman: Patrol

Patrol by Remidar


My City (Grunt)

September 5, 2012

The only downside to presenting a Dark Knight character portrait is The Dark Thumbnail.

Batman in front of Wayne Enterprise

Batman in front of Wayne Enterprise

This is a beautiful piece, the Cat-Tales Batman, right down to the lip twitch, posed in front of Wayne Enterprises, beautiful coloring on -grunt- My City -grunt-.   But the detail just doesn’t come through.  You simply have to click through and see it full size in the Cat-Tales gallery.

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