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Batman Day – Minus 4

July 20, 2014

Batman Day is almost here, and… Uh boy.  Well, we at Cat-Tales had what we thought was a nifty idea getting our little stable of Rogues together to send a congratulatory message celebrating 75 years of the Bat they love to hate.  So far, it’s not quite working out the way we planned.  Their a self-absorbed lot and the concept of other people, even sending a message to other people, doesn’t always register.

Bane Shaming himself

Bane-shaming, is that a thing now?

First we have Bane, who somehow keyed into the idea of holding a sign being a shame sign and deciding to shame himself.  About his workout mix.   That came in #413 on our list.

And then…

Harley Quinn Shaming

Harley Shaming really should be a thing.


Okay, none of us really expected her to get it, now did we?


Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday, Harley

May 12, 2014

Harley Quinn in Cat-Tales: Fool by Chris Dee

“Twenty-nine. She was twenty-nine years old. And she was behind schedule. She was supposed to have her own talk show by now. Her book, written while a brilliant young doctor at Arkham, would have become a best seller in its first month and now be in its third paperback printing. Then the radio call-in show, a stepping-stone only since her looks made her a natural for television. She should, at this moment, be using her star-studded birthday party upstairs at the Russian Tea Room to announce the release of her second book, timed to catapult her TV talk show into national syndication! And instead, where was she? Alone in her new HA-HARLienda eating a cupcake.

“And it was HIS fault.”

~Cat-Tales: Fool


Can you hear me now? Cat-Tales Audio Books

September 11, 2013

Back when Cat-Tales started its original website, having a Flash splash screen was pretty spiff.  I recorded a few lines that seemed “Signature Catwoman” from Selina’s monologue in A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation and set it against some visual or other.  Ever since, I’ll get a request about twice a year to read complete tales as audio books – or at least “Please please please” some favorite bit, be it Selina’s stage show performace or the origin story Cattitude, the first person passages from String Theory, etc.  Everyone has their own favorites.


Wait til you hear her Harley Quinn

It was always an appealing idea but a little too daunting for me personally.  Then I met Caroline Sharp, a wonderfully talented actress who was not only a Cat-Tales reader, she had an instinctive feel for the fun and good humor that is the core of a proper Selina and the Cat-Tales universe generally.    (Seriously, if you think her Selina is spot on, wait ’til you hear her Harley Quinn.)


Cat-Tales #1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation now an audio book.

The goal is to present one or two short stories from each of the collections, starting with Book One.  There was no question that we would have to begin with the first tale: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputationthe impetus for the series.

In 2001, what DC Comics called its new direction obliterated everything that identified Catwoman except her name.

From Selina’s iconic purple costume to her supporting cast, her personality, intelligence, sophistication and lifestyle, her status as a world-class thief and the tone and content of her adventures, everything that drew fans to the character in the first place was gone.

The Nostalgia Critic recently speculated what the fictional characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender would think if they were real and saw the unspeakably awful  portrayals in the M. Night Shyamalan fiasco.  Reputation does something similar, presenting the DC Comics outrages as the work of a sleazy tabloid called The Gotham Post.  The stage show in which she responds wound up opening a door into this real Gotham.  If the comics didn’t present the real story, the real characters, then who were were these people, really?

Picking a second tale was more of a challenge.  The early tales were essentially an in-joke for a niche audience, loaded with comics references, nods to and inversions of related fan fiction clichés and tropes of the time.  Could I find a story that stood alone, gave a glimpse of the fun to be had for people who simply like Batman without reading or caring about the dysfunctional freak show in official comics?

anyouhearmenow-cattalesaudiobooks-funandgamesI could!  Fun & Games was first introduced with the old Monty Python line “And now for something completely different” and allowed readers to get deep into the first scene without realizing it was a continuation of the series begun with Reputation.

Today, I introduce it this way – Catwoman is a fantasy. Either you get that or you don’t, and if you do, you should probably realize that whatever you’ve dreamed up in your imagination, Bruce has imagined quite a bit better.

Once they got together, you don’t think our kinky pair took a few of those ideas out for a spin?

Cat-Tales audio books, like all offerings, are available for free on the CT website.  Listen online or download to your portable player.


Gallery Spotlight: Roxy Rocket

March 25, 2013

Roxanne Sutton, aka Roxy Rocket.  When I did a Blogtalk interview a few years back, I learned Roxy was intended to be “the next Harley Quinn” when she was introduced in Batman: the Animated Series.  It was news, but I wasn’t particularly surprised.  When something is successful, it’s natural to try to do it again – but to pull it off, you need to understand what made the original successful.  It’s not unusual for Batman-related efforts to blow it on that last part. It’s not unusual for creators to reproduce the wrong elements of a successful character or storyline.  Poor Roxy.

Roxy Rocket in the Cat-Tales Gallery

This commission by Remidar was such a good portrait image, it freed me up to go in a different direction with Roxy’s official character portrait.

Harley Quinn was created for and voiced by Arleen Sorkin, which brought a lot of fun and quirkiness to the party which had been all but outlawed in Post-Crisis, Burtonized Gotham. More importantly, appealing as she was, she was not burdened creating her own star power. She walked in alongside the biggest name in the Rogues Gallery, and it was her interactions with Joker, and later with Poison Ivy, that gave the character room to develop.

Not so Roxy, who was just tossed out there without any connections to anyone or anything. If she’s had a better run in Cat-Tales, it’s because of her interactions with the established Rogues. Her inherited daredevil recklessness complimented by a burning desire to achieve that stature as one of them (as her creators intended) and lurking insecurity because she hasn’t…

“Parking is for wimps”
Roxy’s official Cat-Tales Character Portrait stresses her penchant for bringing destruction, even (especially) at the Iceberg.

Sleeping with Oswald Cobblepot (Knight Before Christmas), posing as Jervis’s respectable non-criminal fiancé to fool his Aunt Maud (Something Borrowed), and most memorably, getting into an epic girl-on-girl dust up with Poison Ivy – maybe the best instance of how Roxy can go off when her fragile position among the rogues is threatened.  An episode that was so rip-roaringly loaded with visuals wanting to be seen, our resident Poser artist Thundering Monkey became a Poser artist – literally taught himself the program – just to make this slideshow filmlet happen.


So here’s the truth, Pammy, direct from me to you: a healthy red-blooded guy will grab at anything once, particularly if it’s rubbing up and down on him like a three-dollar whore. That’s not true love, it’s not even grooving on your lemon scented beauty. It’s just what they do.
-Roxy Rocket, An Iceberg Tale


Gallery Spotlight: Harley v. Harley (‘Cause why not?)

March 11, 2013

For no particular reason, a tour of the Harley Quinns in the Fan Art Gallery.

Harley Quinn Bust from Sculpture Gallery

Harley Quinn Bust by Ramesese

At one point when a reader was working on the Character Index, he discovered Harley appeared in more tales than any other supporting character.*

Character portrait of Harley Quinn at Joker's Ha-Hacienda

At the Ha-Hacienda, a Character Portrait

Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because she’s such a lovable trainwreck.  I  mean, seriously…

Parody bodice ripper cover with Harley Quinn and Joker

How Harley apparently sees herself and Mistah J. “A Time To Laugh: A Harley Quinn Romance” from Fool

And here she is in civies. If you’re going to crash a society wedding to retrieve a bit of underwear that somehow got away from you when you were trashing the place with your psychotic boyfriend, maybe a) you should try to blend in a little more instead of wearing some clubbing dress…

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from <a href=

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from Dearly Beloved

… and b) Stay sober. I’m just sayin’

Joker and Harley Motivation Poster
*That count was made around Book 3, I think.  She still has the most appearances among the Rogues, but several Bat-family characters have since passed her.


Capes and Bats

October 30, 2012

It’s one day to Halloween.  If you haven’t started reading (or re-reading) the page-turning suspense & horror tale Cat-Tales: Capes & Bats, this would be the perfect time.


Character Portrait: Harley Quinn

September 12, 2012

Character Portrait: Harley Quinn

“In Shakespeare only the Fool can mock the king.  In Gotham… It’s Harley’s birthday.” –Cat-Tales: Fool

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