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That Hot Ivan Reis Catwoman Statue Drops Tomorrow @MidtownComics

May 30, 2017

A few months ago when our blog on A Catwoman Renaissance featured a smoking hot Balent-style Catwoman statue from Iron Studios, it was unclear if the breathtaking limited edition based on Ivan Reis would be available in the U.S.

We here at Cat-Tales are delighted to announce they’ve got her at Midtown Comics and

As stated in the original post, Scale 1/10, 18cm, hand-painted, smoking hot. Looks like the whip is separate to carry or drape however you like.  And a much fuller array of pictures in Iron Studios Facebook album.



Gallery Spotlight: In the Shadow of the Bat

February 26, 2013

Since the binge on Cosplay Appreciation Day, I took a break from spotlighting some of the stunning photography and costumes featured in our Fan Galleries on the Cat-Tales website, but it’s time to remedy that.  Because some expansion is now underway: new artists coming in, new pieces coming in from old artists, and as a tease of the goodies to come – a pair of cosplay pics from DragonCon 2012 that simply must be seen…

Catwoman in the classicly perfect, iconic and purple Jim Balent costume in the shadow of Azrael Batman

Catwoman: In The Shadow of the Bat

Selina has never had a good relationship with “Pheromones” aka “The Imposter” aka “That thing in the Batman costume” aka AzBat, and it pretty much started with that colossally bad first encounter. In Armchair Detective, Selina relives it almost word-for-word as she races home at the news that Bruce is injured “like some poetic Twilight Zone hell where you’re trapped in the worst night of your life for all eternity.”

Although several readers prefer the flashback from Blueprints, when Fate – or perhaps Karma – very kindly reversed that first meeting for her.  Now living at the manor, as at home in the Batcave as Bruce himself, it is she who is lookng down from a catwalk – into the Batmobile hangar where Jean Paul Valley is doing the Bat-clan a favor, picking up a delivery of jet fuel.


Gallery Spotlight – Catwoman: Whip

October 15, 2012
Catwoman: Whip by Atticus

Catwoman: Whip by Atticus

“Catching me wasn’t the difficulty, as I remember. The problem seemed to be that you didn’t know what to do with me.”


Gallery Spotlight: Selina Kyle Unmasked

October 3, 2012
Selina Kyle Unmasked

Selina Kyle Unmasked

Yesterday’s curvacious Catwoman was so popular, let’s double down with Selina Kyle Unmasked by the same artist, Anya Uribe


Gallery Spotlight: Catwoman by Anya Uribe

April 26, 2012

Gallery Spotlight: Catwoman by Anya Uribe

Artist Anya Uribe does these amazing, sensual curves that pull the eye through these wonderful compositions. Some of those compositions are very busy, some are elegantly simple, all have these soft colors and powerful lines that are just a wonder to me. There was a time when you looked at a comic page, and you could tell who drew it. Anya reminds me of that. Her pieces are instantly recognizable as hers, from voluptuous portraits like this to amusingly innocent chibis.


Cat-Tales Poster for Comic-Con 2011

July 22, 2011

It’s that time of year again, and since 2011 is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Cat-Tales, some new artwork was called for.

Cat-Tales Comic-Con 2011 Poster The Classic Catwoman, Jim Balent's Purple Catwoman, Selina Kyle in her best mask and costume

Cat-Tales Comic-Con 2011 Poster: Selina's startling eyes at her most beautiful shining through the night from behind the classic Balent Catwoman mask.

Cat-Tales Comic Con 2011 in Classic Catwoman Purple, Jim Balent Selina Kyle beautifully masked

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