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HAHAHAHA! Jokes and Riddles Week Begins

June 26, 2017

It was my instant messenger.  Riddler set this system up for the “villain community” to keep in touch.

There they are, in the very first lines of the first Cat-Tale. Before Batman or Catwoman were even mentioned, Joker and Riddler had planted their flag.  We’re excited to see how many Jokes and Riddles goodies we can pack in to a single week, and who will come out the content king.  This morning, Joker started off the festivities with a bang…

Joker with a bang flag, by Selina Enriquez in the Cat-Tales Gallery

Surprise Joker by Selina Enriquez

Yet no sooner was that posted, we saw HarryPotter20 was trending.  The 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, we could hardly ignore an omen like that–not when we had observed Batman’s 75th Anniversary with a Gotham Rogue-Harry Potter mashup.  So we promptly dug out the Mashupimus Ridiculus and re-mashed for the occasion…

The complete Rogues Gallery collection can be found here.

Finally, we rounded off Day One with a quote from Edward Nigma: Another City Not My Own aka Riddle Me-Tropolis


Thus far, the combatants are neck and neck and there’s been a surprising lack of bloodshed.  Will it hold?  Stay tuned.


Breaking News: Batman/Superman Tale Concludes

March 30, 2016

joker-intersectLex Luthor built an AI housed in a supercomputer-intersect to control the world’s news. Now, it’s in Joker’s hands.  Have a nice day.

The story concludes in Knight of the Mirrors 8: Breaking News.



The Countdown Continues…

March 14, 2016

It’s Part 2 of Cat-Tales’ Anniversary Countdown. To celebrate our 15th, we asked readers to submit their favorite moments from the 70+ stories.  How did your favorites fare?


Ha-Ha-Happy Birthday, Harley

May 12, 2014

Harley Quinn in Cat-Tales: Fool by Chris Dee

“Twenty-nine. She was twenty-nine years old. And she was behind schedule. She was supposed to have her own talk show by now. Her book, written while a brilliant young doctor at Arkham, would have become a best seller in its first month and now be in its third paperback printing. Then the radio call-in show, a stepping-stone only since her looks made her a natural for television. She should, at this moment, be using her star-studded birthday party upstairs at the Russian Tea Room to announce the release of her second book, timed to catapult her TV talk show into national syndication! And instead, where was she? Alone in her new HA-HARLienda eating a cupcake.

“And it was HIS fault.”

~Cat-Tales: Fool


Welcome Fathers of the Dark Knight

November 4, 2013

Cat-Tales is pleased to welcome Fathers of the Dark Knight and the photography of Roberto Williams to the Cat-Tales gallery.  Now featured in our Cosplay section, you’ll see a spectacular collection of photos from the team of the ambitious 2014 New York production that made its costumed debut at NYCC last month.


Gyomara Phillips as Catwoman, Fathers of the Dark Knight. Photo by Roberto Williams

Fathers of the Dark Knight will feature the fictional heroes & villains, obviously, but also the real-life men who created them, seeking to correct the failure of history to recognize the contributions two men, writer Bill Finger and artist Jerry Robinson, made to the world of Bob Kane’s Batman. The audience will get to watch the creative process of Kane, Finger and Robinson brought to life in two different ways: On one side of the stage, we see the three men in Kane’s apartment, gradually bringing Gotham and its colorful cast of characters into being. On the other side, those very characters will fight the never-ending battle of good versus evil, as Batman takes on villains such as Joker, Riddler and Catwoman with the help of heroes like Batgirl and Robin.


Madness is the Escape Hatch

October 14, 2013

The Arkham Origins panel at NYCC had an absolutely breathtaking moment when Troy Baker, the new voice-of-the-Joker read a passage from The Killing Joke. If you’re one who’s gobsmacked that anyone other than Mark Hammil can voice the Joker, go away. You don’t belong on my wall.

The rest of you, just LISTEN. Listen to what happens when an ACTOR meets WORDS and feel the tingle. Unlike a lot of the lionized dark ones, Alan Moore is truly a f-ing wonderful writer.


Hyena Tales

April 1, 2013

Celebrating 12 Years | 67 Tales | 2 Hyenas

Greetings, Internet!

All right-thinking Gotham-watchers among you will be thrilled to learn that the Batman-centric twaddle formerly residing at has been purged and the moving story of two hyenas finding love in the domicile of a misbegotten clown has taken its place.


2 hyenas | The clown they love | The bat they hate | The ditzy blonde who walks them

You’ll thrill to the bone-chilling roller coaster of a semi-literate sociopath mixing metaphors and mutilating infinitives to bring you the most rip-roaringest hyena porn seen, heard or smelt since Agnes McGillicutty turned that Twillo fanfic into the global bestseller 50 Shades of Grayson.


In a world gone mad, in a Ha-Hacienda without central heating, 2hyenas find love. And Silly Putty

You’ll cheer as the stupid blonde forgets to pay the electric bill, forcing the hyenas to cling to each other for warmth (even as they secretly plot to eat each other when the kibble runs out!)


You can’t spell ‘slaughter’ without LAUGHTER. Something to think about.

You’ll weep, weep openly like the little girl you are when you read the disclaimer that no hyenas, bats, or even people were harmed in the making of this website.  WHY?  WHY couldn’t we sacrifice even a few fluffy kittens or pimply-faced fanboys to give the whole thing some realism?  Why am I plagued with such a sqeamish and tiny little minds.  You all disgust me.  Go away.

Uh, Cat-Tales website and Chris Dee’s Cat-Tales blog appear to have been hacked by Joker for April Fool’s Day.  We hope to have everything back to normal as soon as we get him back in his cage.

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