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Pearl Concludes with Part 8: Heist

January 12, 2018

One year ago, Cat-Tales: Pearl began with Part 1 – White Belt and Thomas Coronet was conceived as a new criminal cover for Bruce, one completely unlike Matches Malone.  Tommy would be a world-class thief at home in Bruce Wayne’s world.  Now it concludes with Part 8: Heist – and a heist many readers have waited for for a long time – but Tommy as a LexCorp guest for yacht racing?   Might just be taking the idea too far.


Will the ultimate heist end in triumph or disaster?  Find out in Pearl 8: Heist on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly


New installment of Cat-Tales: Pearl drops. Part 7: Fortuna

November 17, 2017


Forecast for Metropolis: Cloudy, Precipitation 0%, Humidity 74%, Wind 14 mph. Chance of Cat Burglar 100%

Pearl Part 7: Fortuna on the main Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Spotlight: Riddle Me-Tropolis

November 14, 2012


So… This happened.   Comic Book Geeks of the Internet – and particularly She-Geeks Lacking Complexity – galvanized yesterday to demonstrate how fast we can stage a Social Media Happening / Spontaneous Demonstration / Party.   Now it’s 24 hours later, and as much fun as “Cosplay Appreciation Day” was, and as many uber-cool comic book people we all may have waved at or connected with, the last thing I want to do today is dive back into the gallery and spotlight another picture.  I think we can all do with a palate cleanser, and since it is Cat-Tales and not Catwoman-Pictures-R-Us, I thought I’d focus on the actual stories for a while.

First in the spotlight, because it’s one of my personal favorites and top of the Best Comedies list picked by readers, is Cat-Tale #51 Riddle Me-Tropolis.

Cat-Tales Riddle Me-Tropolis by Chris Dee

Cat-Tales Riddle Me-Tropolis by Chris Dee

What’s it about?  After working out Batman’s identity in Strange Bedfellows, Edward Nigma became what we in CT circles call “Fate’s Bitch.”  He couldn’t seem to catch a break, and after Batman broke his legs in the previous tale, he decided he’d had enough.  Enough Batman, enough Gotham, enough disappointment, enough bullshit, enough all of it.  He was getting his act together and taking it on the road–to Metropolis!

In the Cat-Tales universe, Metropolis is Chicago, the largest and richest city close to farm country, with a history embodying the kind of can-do optimism of early industrial America that is a perfect fit for Superman and Clark alike.  I had a ball making Metropolis a character in this story as much as Gotham is in regular tales, and playing with the wonderful dynamic of Gothamites like Eddie, Bruce and Selina in another city not their own.

You can read Cat-Tales: Riddle Me-Tropolis online on the Cat-Tales website or download it to go as an ebook or in high-quality pdf for printing.

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