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Showcasing Selina’s Preserve: The Catitat

January 12, 2013

Last month’s Pinterest board of Catwoman Loot proved to be quite popular, so this time, we’ve got another terrific collection visuals celebrating another facet of Selina’s world: the private Big Cats preserve that all that loot pays for.

Remember when Catwoman had a cat theme? In Cat-Tales her stealing pays for a Big Cats preserve called The Catitat

Cat-Tales Readers know The Catitat as Selina’s private preserve, built and maintained with the proceeds of Catwoman’s thefts, it is home to Nirvana, her favorite ocelot, Shimbala, the largest tiger in captivity, Myk and Brii the caracals, and countless others. Here, it will be home to the most beautiful pictures of Big Cats that I can find.  Click here.

CT readers first heard about the Catitat way back in Cat-Tales #2 Normal, where they met Nirvana the ocelot but it wasn’t until Polishing Silver: The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth that we got our first real look inside the cabin.  The Superman of an alternate universe was impressed into service to do some landscaping in String Theory, which gave our Selina an idea when he wanted her to take in some tigers from a Justice League mission in The New Black, and repercussions from that continued into Riddle Me-Tropolis.  Trophies revealed some surprising details from the preserve’s history – details neither Bruce nor Selina were aware of before the readers found out (A Cat-Tales first!)

Those are the most significant references that I can think of.  Tweet me if you have more to add.


Thanksgiving at the Catitat

November 21, 2012

In the earliest Cat-Tales, it was established that much of Catwoman’s activities funded a Big Cats preserve called the Catitat.  We met her favorite, the ocelot Nirvana in CT#2: Normal, but it wasn’t until this week’s featured tale Polishing Silver, that we got such a detailed look at the preserve and its residents.  Much of Selina’s Catitat, her cabin there, her ocelot, tiger and caracals are based on the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, whose residents are featured here enjoying some Thanksgiving turkeys.


Pumpkin Massacre at the Catitat

October 1, 2012

Selina’s preserve The Catitat is one of the enduring features of Cat-Tales.  To the Big Cat fans who can’t get enough of her tiger Shimbala, ocelot Nirvana, caracals Mik and Brii, etc. enjoy this video from a real Big Cat Rescue.  It’s PUMPKIN MASSACRE MONTH!

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