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Cat-Tales: The Gotham Rogues – A Knight at the Opera

February 1, 2012

I can’t really compete with the video tease we had a few days ago, so let’s get straight to the links.  The latest installment of The Gotham Rogues is here, it’s Chapter 4: A Knight at the Opera.  In addition to Selina, whom you’ve seen, this chapter features Bruce Wayne, a touch of Gotham History, The Riddler (universally known as Eddie among Cat-Tales cognoscenti), Carmine Falcone, and oh yes, that big hulking guy, Bane.

It's the Gotham Rogues v. The Gotham Mobs in Cat-Tales latest, starring Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne and Bane

The Gotham Rogues: A Knight at the Opera at Main Cat-Tales Website and mobile-friendly mirror


We’re Back, Baby

January 24, 2012

catwoman-cattales-website-uploadCat-Tales had an eventful weekend. Our hosting server was attacked by some nasty malware – which was found almost instantly by two Cat-Tales readers who were kind enough to let me know, so we had it squelched in record time. Yesterday our hosts reset everything and last night, I republished the whole site from uncorrupted backups.

Whew! Let’s try not to do THAT again.

Wasn’t any trouble, but it did involve several hours of “waiting around for the cable guy” while they got to our server. Nothing like sitting around waiting on a Monday, so I took the time to whip up a little preview for the next chapter.  Considering how popular the Selina Kyle, Fashionista posts have always been, whether it’s in Cat-Tales or news of Anne Hathaway on The Dark Knight Rises set, I figured this would be of particular interest…

Still, much as we love to see Selina dressed up when she’s not in her Catwoman costume, regular Cat-Tales readers are aware that clothes and jewelry tend to be plot points, not fantasy fripperies in the tales, so in the upcoming installment of The Gotham Rogues, A Knight at the Opera… well, perhaps I should let B take it from here

As she spoke, all emotion had drained from Batman’s eyes, leaving only a gaze of focused control and icy detachment. It held for a heartbeat, then the ice melted and emotion slowly returned… and with it, a long, slow smile of deep and quiet menace.

“Not green for the opera,” he said in a poisonous voice that was barely human. “That purple and black thing you’ve got, the strapless that’s almost the same shade as your costume. Hair up, nothing to pull focus from your neck. We might have to improvise the jewelry…”

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