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Cat-Tales 69: Spontaneous Generation

May 1, 2014

You’d probably think a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (paperless e-edition), an invitation to watch Bruce Wayne play polo, a couple of Valium, a white wine spritzer and a narcissistic personality disorder would lead to a comedy tale.

If you didn’t know Poison Ivy you’d think that.

Poison Ivy in the new Batman/Catwoman story Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Poison Ivy has been going through some changes.  Up until now that was a figure of speech.  Now it isn’t.

Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation, The Prologue: Ivy’s Song and Part I now available on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror



June 11, 2013

It’s been a week since the a certain kiss up at Arkham that tasted of a Hail Mary Pass and the goings on outside Arkham are about to collide with the happenings inside its walls.  But first, we did leave off with Selina back from a few weeks abroad and thanks to some kryptonite-infused kelp, she and Bruce haven’t had their reunion yet.  Dare we hope that for once there will be more apricot silk than claws & batarangs?

Bruce and Selina reunite in Inside an Enigma Chapter 4


Maybe?  “Just this once,” as they both like to say?

And who remembers when we last saw these guys?

Cat-Tales: Inside an Enigma 4: Frenemies

Cat-Tales: Inside an Enigma 4: Frenemies


It’s Chapter 4 of Inside an Enigma: Frenemies on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Inside an Enigma: The Hail Mary Pass

May 20, 2013
Meanwhile at Arkham... Inside an Enigma Part 3: The Hail Mary Pass

Meanwhile at Arkham… Inside an Enigma Part 3: The Hail Mary Pass

With a title like Inside an Enigma, with a cover image juxtaposing Chinese finger puzzles with the Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, everyone knew the latest Cat-Tale simply must involve Edward Nigma, aka The Riddler.  But throughout chapter 1 and 2, there was no sign of him.  There’s been no sign of him since he was last seen casting off the role of Fate’s Bitch and stepping up to lead the Rogues in a dangerous war against Carmine Falcone.  That ends now in Inside an Enigma Part 3:  The Hail Mary Pass.



Guest Blog: Spotlight on Poison Ivy

March 15, 2013

If fan author and Blogtalk Radio host Allaine isn’t Poison Ivy’s greatest fan, he is certainly in the top three, so he was the natural choice to host a quick tour of the Poison Ivy pieces in the Cat-Tales gallery…

“Her skin is alabaster, not green.
She is a natural redhead, since henna is a plant.
Paper is murder.
Harvey Dent is a two-timing skunk.”
-The Ballad of Humoring Pamela, Awkward Pauses

Gallery Spotlight: Poison Ivy
by Allaine

As a reigning sex symbol in the DC Universe for two decades, Poison Ivy has long been a favorite subject of fan artists and cosplayers. Unfortunately, many of these people feel the need to deviate from the original design and put their own “twist” on it. Why tamper with greatness? Two artists who did not make this mistake can be seen in the Cat-Tales collection. Although Anya Uribe and Selina Enriquez’s styles are quite different, both zeroed in on and enhanced those elements that define Poison Ivy.

I was excited to compare and contrast two artistic takes on the character because – like Harvey, the man she can’t ever seem to move past – Ivy presents two faces to the world.

Pretty Poison by Anya Uribe

In “Pretty Poison” Anya Uribe gives us the gorgeous seductress who uses sex as a weapon, never shy about showing ample cleavage and skin – which we see here is obviously green, and not the alabaster Ivy insists it is.  Here Uribe emphasizes the soft, voluptuous curves of a sensual woman who has never needed to do the heavy lifting herself (and hence got that shapely ass handed to her in a catfight with Roxy Rocket in An Iceberg Tale)

Poison Ivy (pencils) by Selina Enriquez

Selina Enriquez, on the other hand, has created a Poison Ivy that alludes to the malicious killer who never shies away from violence against those she thinks deserve it – like when she held the Batman as a greened prisoner for days in Blueprints for the sole purpose of finding a way to kill Clayface.

While we still see her beauty, here we notice the narrowed, slanted eyes that suggest coldness and determination. Fittingly, for a woman who has always fancied herself part plant, it’s almost as if that plant is an outgrowth of her own body. This is a woman who isn’t just insane; maybe she isn’t completely human, and will never be like the rest of us. (But still insanely hot.)

Allaine is host of FemSlash4Fans on Blogtalk Radio and has authored fan fiction for Batman, DC Superheroes, Kim Possible, Justice League, X-Men, DC Elseworlds, Gargoyles, Once Upon a Time, Honor Harrington, 30 Rock, and The Devil Wears Prada.

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