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This Is Not the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

October 28, 2014
Poison Ivy in the new Batman/Catwoman story Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Poison Ivy in Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Just in time for Halloween, the horror tale Spontaneous Generation concludes in the final chapter: Part 6: Not the Start of a Beautiful Friendship and it’s going to be more final for some.

Spontaneous Generation is now available in its entirety on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales mobi, and will soon be offered as a downloadable ebook and print-quality pdf.


So this happened

August 5, 2014

On the off chance anyone’s forgotten where we left things, it went something like:

“Jason, don’t,” she whispered before it hit, then a dizzying spell gripped her mind like the flash of a distant explosion reaching her before the sound of the blast.  The first waves of fear and dread, moving at the speed of light, reaching her before anything else, then the concussive blast of betrayal, the pain and cruelty, treachery and lies.  Finally, the sound of the explosion: “Change, change the form of man; free the prince forever damned.  Free the might from fleshy mire; boil the blood in heart of fire.  Gone, gone the form of man, and…

catwoman vs etrigan and batman vs poison ivy in cattales: spontaneous generation

Demon: noun. Actually has nothing whatsoever to do with Ra’s al Ghul

Picking up where we left off: Spontaneous Generation Part 4: Metamorphosis on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Keep Calm and Call Batman

June 2, 2014

The new chapter is here – SPONTANEOUS GENERATION, PART 2: Keep Calm and Call Batman.

Batsignal | Keep Calm and Call Batman

The story continues, and not a minute too soon as far as a certain member of the Z is concerned.  Available now on the Cat-Tales website and the mobile-friendly mirror


Cat-Tales 69: Spontaneous Generation

May 1, 2014

You’d probably think a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (paperless e-edition), an invitation to watch Bruce Wayne play polo, a couple of Valium, a white wine spritzer and a narcissistic personality disorder would lead to a comedy tale.

If you didn’t know Poison Ivy you’d think that.

Poison Ivy in the new Batman/Catwoman story Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation

Poison Ivy has been going through some changes.  Up until now that was a figure of speech.  Now it isn’t.

Cat-Tales: Spontaneous Generation, The Prologue: Ivy’s Song and Part I now available on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Countdown to a New Tale

April 29, 2014

The next Cat-Tale is almost upon us.  Might be a good time to revisit the last one.  and remind yourself where we left off.

Poison Ivy in Cat-Tales

Just a suggestion.


Overheard at Gotham City Comic-Con

October 14, 2013

New York Comic-Con took place this past weekend, and it got me wondering what might happen when its counterpart occurred in the “real” Gotham City of Cat-Tales.


That awkward moment when your street clothes are mistaken for cosplay…


It’s not easy being green.


Another day, another awkward series of misunderstandings on the con floor.


Her skin is not green, it’s alabaster, damnit!


Well that’s just silly, 2 out of 17 Farnsworth inventions actually work.



June 11, 2013

It’s been a week since the a certain kiss up at Arkham that tasted of a Hail Mary Pass and the goings on outside Arkham are about to collide with the happenings inside its walls.  But first, we did leave off with Selina back from a few weeks abroad and thanks to some kryptonite-infused kelp, she and Bruce haven’t had their reunion yet.  Dare we hope that for once there will be more apricot silk than claws & batarangs?

Bruce and Selina reunite in Inside an Enigma Chapter 4


Maybe?  “Just this once,” as they both like to say?

And who remembers when we last saw these guys?

Cat-Tales: Inside an Enigma 4: Frenemies

Cat-Tales: Inside an Enigma 4: Frenemies


It’s Chapter 4 of Inside an Enigma: Frenemies on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror

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