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Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 3

April 18, 2016

Counting down the Top 15 Cat-Tales moments. It’s Part 3, have your favorites shown up yet?


Batman’s Day Eve

July 22, 2014

The most illustrious Demon’s Head has just figured out the Internet. Tremble, Tumblr. Tremble in fear.

This is probably a good time to mention that if you take Ra’s al Ghul as seriously as he takes himself, Cat-Tales is not for you.


It’s Batman Day Eve, and just in case you had any thoughts of enjoying it, Mr. Freeze would like to remind you that Life is nothing but a cold and hollow walk to the grave.

Also a good time to mention that nothing helps celebrate three-quarters of a century combating evil like the emo poetry of a human popsicle.

Happy Batman Day-Minus-One


Theme Muggles! They’re not Batman Villains, they’re Muggles with a Hobby

March 29, 2014

It began with my beta-reader. Those who follow Cat-Tales are aware, I spell and type like Lois Lane with a case of the caffeine shakes, so Beta need to have a sense of humor. He does, he’s a cool guy, and inspired by one of his margin comments, I laid claim to the future Harry Potter parody: Bruce Wayne and the Smidgeon of Pettiness.

Those who follow Cat-Tales are also aware I rarely know when to quit.


Ra’s al Ghul and the Half-Baked Plan


Jonathan Crane and the Microsoft Terms of Service


Bane and the Unresolved Plot Thread

See the full collection, including a bouncy animated Harley here on the Cat-Tales website.


Ra’s al Ghul knows how to push my buttons

March 25, 2014

Ra's al Ghul knows how to push my buttons

“Let’s not endow him with special powers, Bruce. He knows your identity. At that point you’re one big button and the only thing that requires any intellectual acumen is not bumping it accidentally.”

~Selina Kyle, Wayne Rises


Gallery Spotlight: Portraits al Ghul

March 20, 2013

One of the subtler bits in Cat-Tales that might amuse only me, the cult of personality Ra’s al Ghul has built around himself includes naming just about everything he does and touches as the /Name of thing/ al Ghul. In Napoleon’s Plan Ra’s undergoes the ritual of the Mergulho al Ghul literally the “dipping of the Demon.” He brings Bruce (actually Selina) the Ata al Ghul – the Gift of the Demon. When he’s got the munchies after that pit-dip, you just know there’s a minion somewhere in charge of delivering the daily snack of the Demon.

Minions of the decadent west, it is therefore my unworthy honor to present the Character Portraits al Ghul…

Ra’s al Ghul, Light of the East, Terror of the West, Apex of the Age of Oneness through One Rule, etc etc deigns to visit the DEMON base in Gotham’s Chinatown


The Color of Catwoman

July 20, 2011

The Color of is a fascinating new website “to find the colour of anything.” Give it a word or a phrase and it searches through Flickr, selects its best matches, and ingeniously manages to combine them without making mud.

The Definitive Color of Catwoman, Classic Catwoman Purple

The result are some lovely canvases that would look right at home on the wall of an art museum, and that’s exactly what we’ve done at The Gotham Museum of Modern Art at The Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second LifeThe Color of Gotham exhibit gives The Color of treatment to many familiar names associated with Batman, as well as items like the Batsignal, Batarangs and the city itself.  Those who cannot visit the museum in digitized person can enjoy this slideshow.

Art Museum The Color of Gotham Exhibition Classic Catwoman Purple the definitive catwoman color

Click to view slideshow

While the Color of Gotham exhibit at the MoMA will run through the summer, the Rogues Gallery Masks will be on display at the Visitor Center itself only for the duration of the current Cat-Tale: Comedy of Errors.


I wasn’t going to dip a clawtip into The Dark Knight Rises Viral this soon but… about that chanting

June 6, 2011

I swore I wasn’t going sink a clawtip into The Dark Knight Rises viral this early. I tweeted the fire rises thing and shared that hashtag picture of Bane on Facebook, that was it. It took 10 seconds and I was done. Movie isn’t out for a year yet and I’ve got way too much on my plate as it is without downloading wave files and slowing them down, applying filters to clean them up, etc. etc.

Except, here’s the thing, writers become masters of procrastination. Masters. And when you’re looking down at the blank piece of paper and it looks up at you and says “You think you’re so tough, I’m a blank piece of paper, what are you gonna do about it?” sometimes you back off. Live to fight another day. All that. So I went to listen to this chanting at

Now, is it me?  Am I really the only one that thinks that sounds like “Ra’s al ghul, Ra’s al ghul, Bane, Bane”?

Maybe I am, so let’s go to the tape…

Here’s a clip, slowed down.

The Dark Knight Rises viral chanting at

Chanting from The Dark Knight Rises website, processed.

(Actually, the way I clipped it on the best filtering job, it’s Bane-Bane, Ra’s al Ghul-Ra’s al Ghul.   Sorry.  Tomato-tomahto.)

Chris Dee

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