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Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 3

April 18, 2016

Counting down the Top 15 Cat-Tales moments. It’s Part 3, have your favorites shown up yet?


Can I Help You?

June 5, 2014

Can I Help You?


Cat-Tales: Secrets now an Audio Book

January 5, 2014

The Book 2 Audio Book is here:


Cat-Tales: Secrets read by Caroline Sharp

Harry Houdini’s “Tome of Secrets” is being auctioned by the Wayne Foundation.  Zatanna’s come to town especially to buy it.  Riddler wants it too.

And oh yeah, it’s cursed.  This will be fun.

It’s Cat-Tales: Secrets read by Caroline Sharp.


Cat-Tales Scenes

December 20, 2013

One of those facts of life certain creators would rather die than admit: some stories, some characters and some situations have more juice than others.  Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered and all of a sudden there are 78 proposals for Data-centric stories.  For Lt. Yar?  3.

In Cat-Tales, I’ve noticed the two stories that generate the most artwork and artwork requests are Not My Kink and The Gotham Rogues.  They’re the source for the chessmen and catarang that just went on display in the Virtual Visitor Center, as well as inspiring multiple images in the new Scenes gallery.

Yes, we have a Scenes gallery now, under Character Portraits, and let me explain why.  Consider Georgina Barnes, a cover that was introduced for Selina to infiltrate a few Wall Street firms in Not My Kink.  She resurrected the cover as part of the con in Electron 29 and maybe that’s what gave Bruce the idea to create Gina O’Malley in The Gotham Rogues.  Gina is a grifter Matches Malone was searching for who only becomes Georgina to get into places like BankLink and CashPulse.  Bruce said he only needed a few pictures for Matches to circulate as an excuse to get close to the Westies, but I think we all suspected the lady herself would be making an appearance before long at the Downpatrick Carpentry Club.

Bruce-and-Selina-as-Matches-and-GinaThat’s a complicated history to sum up in a traditional portrait, and so — new gallery.  In addition to Matches and Gina, we have another artifact from The Gotham Rogues – that famous chess board again, this time with Eddie waiting…

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Riddler waiting for Batman in The Gothamm Rogues

Did I mention that in addition to certain stories that keep turning up in the artwork, certain characters do as well.  You’d think it would be Harley or Poison Ivy but nope, it’s our anagraming Mr. Nigma.  Two wallpapers he appears in – scenes from Not My Kink (again) and The Gotham Post – are also linked in the new gallery.  As is… oh dear.


Zatanna and Riddler vying for Houdini’s Tome of Secrets in Cat-Tales: Secrets


Inside an Enigma: Complete Ebook and Print Downloads now available

September 23, 2013
Catwoman settles scores with Riddler in Cat-Tales Inside An Enigma

“I said I was a patient cat; I am. I said I would wait,  I did. And now Fate, friend of cats, has laid the key to his happiness at my feet.  He betrayed my friendship, betrayed my trust. And now… he is going… to pay.”

Once a tale is finished, I like to release the ebook and pdfs formatted for printing as soon as possible.  In this case, Inside an Enigma was delayed by the Book One audio books.  But it’s here now!  For Kindle /mobi and the universal ebook format ePub; as well as print quality PDF.


“It’s a labyrinth of cunning and puzzles and riddle-mania… but never hard to follow. That’s what makes it riveting…”

“Selina is a lot smarter and a lot scarier than a lot of people realise.”

“Simply brilliant.


“AWESOME, and so very, *very* Kitty!”


New Wallpaper: WELL, SO AM I!

September 9, 2013

The latest desktop wallpaper is another scene suggested by readers.

Catwoman and Riddler in Cat-Tales: Not My Kink

Pissed? “WELL, SO AM I!” he screamed. Then he… he swung his sack of rubies at my head! I ducked, and he kept going. Spun himself around almost a full 360 and spilled a few rubies on the floor before he caught his balance, and then skidded on one and fell on his ass.

In Not My Kink, Selina took over Bruce’s *cough*fighting duties while he recovered from an injury.  She lasted all of 5 chapters before Riddler figured out what was going on.  “Zany hijinx ensued” as they say.

All the new wallpapers are available in high definition for all screen ratios and devices.



Inside an Enigma Concludes in Part 7: Tarot

August 20, 2013

Now that the Whiskers & Nutmeg fanbase have been appeased, we can return at last to the humans who consider themselves the main characters in Cat-Tales:

Selina was a Rogue.  She knew the rules.  And the rules say the Riddle-Clue has to lead somewhere.

They also say be careful what you wish for.

Guess which one Eddie forgot in the final chapter of INSIDE AN ENIGMA:


Inside an Enigma: Tarot

Tarot!  Now available on the Cat-Tales Website and mobile-friendly mirror Cat-Tales mobi.


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