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Ripped from the Headlines (Chung-Chung)

May 9, 2013

It’s rare that Cat-Tales indulges in a “Ripped from the Headlines” plotline, but readers know that smaller plot points do occur from time to time.

Batman and Catwoman consult a news account of a New Zealand bank robber wearing a Catwoman Mask

In 2007, a woman robbed a bank in New Zealand wearing a Catwoman mask, how could I resist having a little fun with it in Riddle Me-Tropolis?

Most recently, in the opening chapter of Inside an Enigma, when Selina learned of a daring diamond heist in Belgium, home of her old fence Igor, and she promptly flew off to Europe to… well, I’ll let you read why, exactly, she went.  But she returned in chapter 2, posted on Monday, and virtually as her plane touched down in Gotham again, this happened…


Police swoop on suspects in international Belgian diamond heist gang – The Telegraph

Coincidence?  Selina would be the first to scream at the suggestion of Catwoman crimefighting, but as the writer of this little escapade, I’m beginning to see the appeal of the ripped from the headlines formula.  That’s just FUNNY!

Another fascinating coincidence is that the recent chapter raised a few questions of that revolving door at Arkham Asylum – a revolving door which currently appears to be stuck.  I did my best to answer those questions, and given the Law & Order nature of the material, I dug up this picture mashing up Batman with the mother of all ripped from the headlines franchises.


Law & Order Gotham Style explained in the Cat-Tales Forum


A New Cat Tale Begins – Inside an Enigma

March 27, 2013

Cat-Tales has never “ripped from the headlines” like some aggressive police procedural. We creep in, blending with the shadows, deftly snipping a wire there, nullifying the sensors with a wave cancellation box over there, and spiriting it away before anyone knows what’s happened.
Batman’s enemies in Arkham and Ra’s al Ghul rotting in an Atlantis jail. Gotham should be quiet. And a quiet Gotham is a paradox wrapped in a puzzlement inside a mystery encased in a riddle surrounded by…

Chapter 1: Diamonds are for Stealing on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror

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