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Gallery Spotlight: Jonathan Crane

March 1, 2013

I never expected to begin rolling out the new character portraits with Scarecrow.  He’s not a major character in the Tales, and he’s not anyone’s favorite Batman villain.  (Okay, unless Cillian Murphy is involved and that’s another conversation entirely.)  But his portrait came out so beautifully, and they do say to begin with your second best and end with your best, so…

Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, at Flay Hall, Hudson University

“You cannot truly say you have looked into the face of fear until you have heard William Shatner sing.” – Jonathan Crane, The Gotham Post

Jonathan Crane at his favorite institution of higher learning: Flay Hall, Hudson University.


Batman and Dracula (now with more Batman)

January 26, 2012

batman-and-draculaOkay, so, Cat-Tales is pleased, proud and thrilled to have sparked the imagination of one Wanders Nowhere, and some time back he wrote a blood-chilling little tale set in the CTU called Capes and Bats.  Making a trailer for this cheery little epic about the Lord of the Undead hitting town at the same time as Christopher Nolan arrives for location shooting on The Dark Knight was my first attempt at this video stuff.  It’s not bad for a first effort, but the music was maybe a little… Draccy.  Did Batman go to Transylvania and start fighting crime around Vlad’s castle?  No.  Vlad came to Gotham in search of snacks and Brides!  So I would now like to represent the Capes and Bats trailer with more suitable musical accompaniment for the clash of batty-caped titans:


The Color of Catwoman

July 20, 2011

The Color of is a fascinating new website “to find the colour of anything.” Give it a word or a phrase and it searches through Flickr, selects its best matches, and ingeniously manages to combine them without making mud.

The Definitive Color of Catwoman, Classic Catwoman Purple

The result are some lovely canvases that would look right at home on the wall of an art museum, and that’s exactly what we’ve done at The Gotham Museum of Modern Art at The Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second LifeThe Color of Gotham exhibit gives The Color of treatment to many familiar names associated with Batman, as well as items like the Batsignal, Batarangs and the city itself.  Those who cannot visit the museum in digitized person can enjoy this slideshow.

Art Museum The Color of Gotham Exhibition Classic Catwoman Purple the definitive catwoman color

Click to view slideshow

While the Color of Gotham exhibit at the MoMA will run through the summer, the Rogues Gallery Masks will be on display at the Visitor Center itself only for the duration of the current Cat-Tale: Comedy of Errors.


Capes and Bats Long Video Trailer

March 1, 2011

Remember those Marvel “What If” Comics.  Well…
What if Dracula came to Gotham?
What if he wants Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman for his brides?
What if… Vampire Joker

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