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Gallery Spotlight: Harley v. Harley (‘Cause why not?)

March 11, 2013

For no particular reason, a tour of the Harley Quinns in the Fan Art Gallery.

Harley Quinn Bust from Sculpture Gallery

Harley Quinn Bust by Ramesese

At one point when a reader was working on the Character Index, he discovered Harley appeared in more tales than any other supporting character.*

Character portrait of Harley Quinn at Joker's Ha-Hacienda

At the Ha-Hacienda, a Character Portrait

Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because she’s such a lovable trainwreck.  I  mean, seriously…

Parody bodice ripper cover with Harley Quinn and Joker

How Harley apparently sees herself and Mistah J. “A Time To Laugh: A Harley Quinn Romance” from Fool

And here she is in civies. If you’re going to crash a society wedding to retrieve a bit of underwear that somehow got away from you when you were trashing the place with your psychotic boyfriend, maybe a) you should try to blend in a little more instead of wearing some clubbing dress…

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from <a href=

Mrs Wayne by Remidar, inspired by from Dearly Beloved

… and b) Stay sober. I’m just sayin’

Joker and Harley Motivation Poster
*That count was made around Book 3, I think.  She still has the most appearances among the Rogues, but several Bat-family characters have since passed her.


Gallery Spotlight: Joker Revisited

November 8, 2012
Joker Revisited

Joker Revisited by Ramesese

Joker Revisited – because it’s really hard to take tanks, mercenaries, exploding concrete and reactors mysteriously turned into bombs all that seriously after the guy who kills your bodyguard with a pencil.


Gallery Spotlight: Utility Belt

November 6, 2012
Batman Utility Belt by Ramesese

Batman Utility Belt by Ramesese

This little gem from the sculpture gallery has perfect lines. Based on the design from the Nolan films, it’s not my favorite version of the costume, not by a mile, but this particular piece has perfect lines. Just look at the way it follows, frames and leads the eye around the waist. Perfect. Absolutely f-ing perfect.


Gallery Spotlight: Batman Chest Armor

May 11, 2012

Gallery Spotlight: Batman Chest Armor

This Batman Chest Armor by Ramesese is inspired by Batman Begins. It has gorgeous lines that draw the eye around the surface, creating a far more interesting aesthetic – to my eye at least – than the armored plates on mesh in the later films. It also has an absolutely gorgeous texture, like all Ramesese pieces featured in the Sculpture Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.

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