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Those Wonderful Toys

December 17, 2013

A chess set fashioned after the Gotham Rogues, undoubtedly a creation of The Z.  Riddler used it as a snappy little prop/conversation starter for a sitdown with Batman in (fittingly) The Gotham Rogues when Joker, Poison Ivy, Clayface and the others were his weapons in the war with the Gotham mobs.

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

“Interesting choice. Most people would have made him the king.”
“Most people are idiots,” Riddler observed. “King is not only the weakest piece on the board, he’s the most predictable. Moves one square, can’t put himself in check, and because he’s so gosh-darn important, he doesn’t move at all until there are no options left. Bishop, on the other hand, can wreak havoc just by existing. Move the pawn sitting in front of him, it’s a whole new game board.”
Behind Batman’s mask, Bruce looked up sharply. It was a shockingly brilliant analysis.
“Diagonal moves,” Batman noted. “Psychologically more erratic, amidst the squares and straight lines of the board.”
Eddie shook his head, dissatisfied with the idea.
“No, to play that game, the most psychologically irrational movement is the knight’s… I didn’t want to do that. You were going to see it. That seemed… needlessly rude.”

Too tantalizing to retire, it showed up again in Inside an Enigma, and now it’s back again – this time on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center in Second Life.

Also on display, a Catarang.  In Not My Kink Catwoman takes over Batman’s patrol while Bruce recovers from an injury (in Armchair Detective).  By Week 5, she’s earned a little gift.

Catarang from Not My Kink in the Virtual Visitor Center

I never realized he made the first batarangs himself. I’ve used Kittlemeier from day one for my things. But this, he made it himself.

Such a sweet scene. Of course the deceptively idyllic moment couldn’t last, but that year the chapter that was “a short and sweet taste of life in the Batcave” made a Christmas present for readers who hadn’t had a holiday tale for quite some time.

Both items are on display for a limited time Virtual Visitor Center.


Dance of Illusions: Remembering My Dance with Dracula

September 15, 2011

batman-and-dracula-capes-and-bats-cover“The eyes, windows of the soul, are where the vampire make
his bid to take the mind, and control the mind.”

Just the phrase to keep in mind when Count Dracula Himself cuts in on your dance partner in the middle of the party whose sole purpose was for you to offer
yourself up as vamp bait.

“Eye contact is his window to steal his victim’s will.”

Good advice to be sure. But my brain conjuring Van Helsing’s voice out of the written words of his diary—Dutch accent and all—added an unnecessary
veneer of melodrama to the proceedings in this kitty’s opinion. With the band segueing to Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got Some Unfinished Business With You” just
as Dracula put his hand around my waist, there was drama enough.
—Selina Kyle, Cat-Tales: Capes and Bats by Wanders Nowhere

Once again, the good folks over at Red Room have provided the perfect prompt.  This time it was Vampires, the ideal lead in for a look back at meeting Wanders Nowhere, the author of the amazing Batman and Dracula novel Cat-Tales: Capes and Bats.  I only with I had the time to go into my tour of his Castle Dracula build in Second Life, and tell a few anecdotes of our work together on C&B and that crazy night in SL shooting the video for the C&B trailer.

My Dance with Dracula | Chris Dee at Red Room

The trailer


The Color of Catwoman

July 20, 2011

The Color of is a fascinating new website “to find the colour of anything.” Give it a word or a phrase and it searches through Flickr, selects its best matches, and ingeniously manages to combine them without making mud.

The Definitive Color of Catwoman, Classic Catwoman Purple

The result are some lovely canvases that would look right at home on the wall of an art museum, and that’s exactly what we’ve done at The Gotham Museum of Modern Art at The Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second LifeThe Color of Gotham exhibit gives The Color of treatment to many familiar names associated with Batman, as well as items like the Batsignal, Batarangs and the city itself.  Those who cannot visit the museum in digitized person can enjoy this slideshow.

Art Museum The Color of Gotham Exhibition Classic Catwoman Purple the definitive catwoman color

Click to view slideshow

While the Color of Gotham exhibit at the MoMA will run through the summer, the Rogues Gallery Masks will be on display at the Visitor Center itself only for the duration of the current Cat-Tale: Comedy of Errors.


The Week in Cat-Tales

March 14, 2011

It was an amazing week kicking off the 10th Anniversary of Cat-Tales. A book signing, Cat-Tales the Graphic Novel Prologue release in Second Life, Capes and Bats got a new cover, released its final heart-pounding installment, and became the first Cat-Tales spinoff to go out as an ebook and downloadable pdf. Selected spinoffs have also been added to the site, and would you believe it, I even made some headway on Trophies… Whew, you’d think I’d be tired, but not even close.

It was wonderful meeting the new folks who made it into Second Life for the book signing at the Virtual Visitor Center. At the ribbon-cutting, I officially added the GN Prologue to the gift bags available there—drop in any time, there’s no need to wait for an event. For those unfamiliar with Second Life, books of this kind you can either display in world, like a coffee table book in your home, read and turn pages that way, or else attach to your HUD and read that way at any time. Anyone who visited on the 8th received an exclusive signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition, and anyone who missed it—don’t worry, there will be more signings and more Cat-Tales releases in this popular SL-format.

There should also be more TIME at future signings for anyone who wants to tour the sim with me or get some help with their avatar and other aspects of the Second Life experience. I didn’t have much time on the 8th because, frankly, I had no idea how many people would come. But from here on out, events will be much more laid back.

Capes and Bats… what can I say? If you haven’t read the final installment
Dark Knight Toccata yet, chills. It will give you chills. The faint of heart are advised to read before sundown, by the way. You also might want to make some garlic bread and have some holy water on hand, just in case.

So… what’s next? Tomorrow we’ll begin A Look Back. Revisit a favorite scene from each year of Cat-Tales. And Thursday another book signing for Cat-Tales #2: Normal.

Hm? I passed over Wednesday? Well, we’ll just have to see if something related to a giant penny might happen then.

Chris Dee

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The Week in Cat-Tales

January 10, 2011

Quick one today, because it’s going to be a busy week. Trophies, the tale that was teased at the end of Electron 29, is well underway, but a surprise one-shot came out instead last week: CT #62: A Bon Chat, Bon Rat which chronicles a Bruce and Selina adventure in Paris (also teased at the end of Electron 29). The title is a French proverb that is used in the sense of “tit for tat” but which translates literally as: “For every cat, a rat.”


Bruce and Selina in Paris?  Yes, please.

Now, for those who asked, this was not ever intended to be a Christmas surprised which I didn’t get out in time. I do like putting out a Christmas chapter every few years if the timing works out, like the one in Not My Kink. But on the whole, I figure we all have other things to keep us occupied at that time of year. Bon Chat has nothing to do with Christmas, other than in the most subtextual way: Cartier, Paris plays a big role and of course Cartier, Gotham is a pivotal location in Bruce and Selina’s relationship, going back to that first Christmas encounter in Cattitude. So there might be some subconscious associations at work, but only Feline Logic would declare that a Christmas tale. What it is is… a snack. Sometimes we all enjoy sitting down to a big elaborate meal, but more often, we want a yummy little bite. A light snack. Bon Chat is a light snack.

Another yummy tidbit…

Joker has set up a Ha-Hacienda in the Cat-Tales Visitor Center in Second Life. You know Batman isn’t going to let that remain for long. The Hacienda will be up for ONE WEEK ONLY. Come see it now, or Harley will pout.

Chris Dee

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P.S. No, I did not see The Cape yet. That pesky real life thing again. I will catch the pilot once it’s posted on NBC’s website, and for there is already a thread in the CT forum. See you there.


Please Drink Responsibly

November 29, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

There is something profoundly wrong with people who don’t like Dickens, but even they allow that A Tale of Two Cities has one of the greatest openings in the English language. The Great Gatsby opens well too, and is also one of the rarest of rarities: a spot on perfect movie. AMC has a collection of films called “Essentials,” films from Casablanca to Close Encounters of the Third Kind that everyone should know. They are part of the collective vocabulary. They are required for cultural literacy. In literature there’s the Five Foot Shelf. In music, it’s Synchronicity and The White Album, South Pacific and Into the Woods. If you seek out what’s good in many fields, you feed your imagination and will be a better artist for it.

That’s the positive side. The flip side is also true. Imagine a professional athlete that ate nothing but Big Macs and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Would any of us be surprised if this guy failed to win the New York marathon? For that matter, would any of us be surprised if he failed to finish and fell down dead at Mile 18? No, of course not. Because this guy who uses his body to do what he does has been pouring poison into it.

If you’re a writer, an artist, a musician, a composer, a creative in any field, then your imagination is the bread and butter machine. Since you’re also a human being, it is the most magical and sacred part of you. That alone is a good enough reason not to flood it with poisons, but I’m talking about something beyond just being human. I am talking about being a creative. The imagination is what stretches beyond the literal and mundane and the goings on in your digestive tract. It is what connects with something higher and better, and channels a little piece of the infinite when you make something that wasn’t there before. If you pollute it with garbage, the result will be the artistic version of that wheezing pathetic “athlete” gasping his way through the race.

No, I do not read comics anymore. It’s more than not giving DC even $2.95 worth of encouragement for something that is truly bad, it is declining to live on a toxic waste dump. It is refusing to take poison into my imagination. Not only is it bad for me, it’s going to be bad for anything I write.

You are what you eat. And drink. We’ve all seen the creative output of the drunk drivers out there, professional and amateur. It’s time for those of us who are not three sheets to the wind to start staging some interventions.

But let’s return to the Best of Times, because there is a new artist to welcome to the Fan Art Gallery, and she’s certainly kept her imagination fueled with the best of raw materials. Check out the beautiful work of Anya Uribe, an absolute master of feminine curves, color and form.

The Virtual Visitor Center is decked out for the holidays. In Second Life, as in Cattitude, as in Real Life, Cartier wraps itself up in a bow for Christmas. More information on the Cat-Tales website, or residents may teleport directly to the Visitor Center.

Random Equinox even has an update for his spinoff fic: Don’t Fear the Z.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we had two lovely developments over the Thanksgiving break: The Macy’s parade was good enough to open with Aviator Snoopy, providing yet another opportunity for the slow-witted to realize that the inspiration for the Catwoman abomination–the virtual SIGNATURE of the new direction that failed to grasp anything that defined Catwoman and got absolutely everything wrong–was, in fact, based on a cartoon dog. How symbolic do you want it? They didn’t understand anything at all about Selina, right down to the CAT in Catwoman. A symmetry such as makes the angels weep, if it wasn’t so effing sad. And, finally, the forum’s running gag of Batman’s Black Friday Protocol finally has some artwork:

Chris Dee


The week… Oh for Bast Sake! Now what?

June 14, 2010

Okay then, so much happened in Cat-Tales last week I didn’t even manage to get a blog out. I had another chance to play my friend’s Lego Batman game, and as Classic Catwoman, I opened a can of whoopass the goggled pretender—not once but many times, shocking my friend with the violence of a purple cat crossed. It would have been a very cute and entertaining entry, but nobody got to read it because I was more than occupied prepping for the big rollout over the weekend. In case you haven’t seen it:

  • The website got a makeover, including some spiff video wallpaper that did not shoot or edit itself.
  • Armchair Detective and Not My Kink are out for Kindle and Mobi.
  • Cat-Tales opened a virtual Visitor Center in Second Life (otherwise known in these parts as the TBA that ate Tokyo).
  • Shane Sahr, the rockstar bartender at Seattle’s famous Tini Bigs Martini Bar, released a quartet of Cat-Tales Cocktails that are too sinfully indulgent to be believed.

Now, that’s a lot to get ready, particularly when one of my clients had a press thing and needed a little extra web-work himself. Pulled it off though, got everything together, produced the triple launch without a hitch. Got some nice screenshots of the visitor center, got a new headshot of myself as a pixilated person IN the visitor center, got pictures of the criminally indulgent Cat-Tales Cocktails that should have you all on a plane to Seattle just to order one of these babies. I was all set to get up this morning write up a killer entry about the whole thing when…

Sean Hayes… dressed as Spiderman… singing Don’t Rain on My Parade

Picture a close-up on Chris with a strange little twitch above her right eye. “That’s… Sean Hayes… That’s… Radio City Music Hall… That’s…”

I’m a theatre-gal, folks. Remember
Reputation?  It takes a certain kind of mind to come up with an idea like “Cat-Tales: An Evening with Catwoman”, and that’s a mind who’s spent an awful lot of time backstage. I’m also hip deep in comic book superheroes. Sean Hayes hosting the Tony Awards, covering Streisand, dressed as Spiderman, that’s not something someone like me can me can just IGNORE! For the love of God and Stan Lee, that’s like… for 30 years we’ve all assumed the ’66 Batman was lightning in a bottle, a product of time and place that, if there is justice in the universe, should never be attempted again. But Sean Hayes? Don’t Rain on My Parade? CAMP LIVES, folks. Superhero Camp is alive and well and heading for the Lunt-Fontane.

And y’know what? I’m fine with it. Perhaps the most resilient aftereffect of Miller on the Bat mythos and comic books in general is this overblown seriousness. Maybe it’s not as corrosive to the soul as the other stuff, but it is every bit as damaging to the genre as a whole. It simply isn’t necessary to take this all so f-ing seriously 24/7/365.  It is permissible to lighten up and have a little goddamn fun, and by NOT doing so, a lot of people who would be fans are shoo’d away – because unlike the fanboys who keep enabling this crap, we demand our our entertainment make us FEEL GOOD. The new Brave and the Bold cartoon gets that.  The DC vs Marvel guys on YouTube certainly get it.  Hell, even the uber-realistic Nolan movies get it.  Look at Liam Neason’s face when Bruce finally makes his costumed entrance in Batman Begins. They get it.  They ALL get it.

Perhaps that’s why Batman can thrive in movies, in cartoons, in games, and (humbly) in prose fiction, in everywhere EXCEPT the comics medium where he began, is because those guys are the only ones locked into this mindset that Batman is a serious-fucking-business. Maybe if we can just get them to unclench, to embrace the lip twitch and all that it implies, there’s hope.  If not, we can just keep showing this:

and get days of free entertainment watching them try to prevent their heads from exploding.  That could be fun too.

Chris Dee

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