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The week in… Screw it. A love letter to Jim Lee

April 12, 2010

Two insanely busy weeks down, one to go. Yet despite a lot of real life demands, it was a gratifyingly productive week for Cat-Tales – for everything except the actual writing, that is. Construction is finished on the TBA, edits completed on several chapters of War of the Poses, and a number of those pesky support services that keep the web extras operating have all been attended to. As for the writing, well, officially, that resumes next week. My friend and client’s book release is Friday, so on paper at least, these next five days are on stand-by for him… That’s not to say writing does not occur. I don’t know how it is for other people, but the characters in my head tend to start without me sometimes. They have in this case. While I didn’t technically do any writing this past week, they did. It isn’t written down, but they have several story developments all arranged to their liking. We’ll just have to see if it’s workable or if it’s another one of Joker’s “Rainy Sunday Fun! All the hamsters out of the microwave” ideas.

In other news, not Cat-Tales specific but, well let’s call it Cat-Tales adjacent, Jim Lee got one of the first iPad off the assembly line. And just look at one of the first things he drew with it:

iPad quick sketches by *jimlee00 on deviantART
Yes, okay, I know, goggles. But hey, this is Jim Lee, as in the man behind the Hush rooftop clinch, the image immortalized in CT 28: Awkward Pauses, the image about which Selina, glorying in her Post doppleganger’s purple tint, stated “It’s not real, it’s Photoshop. That means if it’s purple, that’s because somebody made it purple.” Jim is the man who made it purple, and for that he will always have my love. Here,of course, it’s more than a vague “are my eyes deceiving me” tint. So, y’know, progress. That said, Jim, I love you. I love how you clearly love Selina. It comes out when you draw her. You can’t hide it. What I say now comes from that place of artist love: Lose the goggles. As Selina has also stated, it’s not just how they look, it’s what they mean. You make those awful things based on a goddamn cartoon DOG look as good as they can, but even you cannot make them look feline rather than bee-like. And even you, you wonderful man, cannot change what they represent.

That said, thank you for the purple, then and now.

Chris Dee

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New Chapter Day!

March 29, 2010

Three words:  Chapter 4 – Racecar!

Yes, chapter 4 of Don’t Fear the Joker is upon us, with both couples returning to the Wayne Manor and Ha-Hacienda after the events of Chapter 3.  There’s been all kinds of speculation, but as soon as I get this posted… well, you’ll see.

Speaking of the chapter release, it was time for a new update of Cat-Tales news for the little SitePal widget, and I had a bit of a time recording it.  You might not think it if you open the window, but apparently it’s Springtime out there.  At least as far as the pollen index.  Just enough to give me some oddball congestion in my one ear over the weekend.  Honest to god, felt like I just took a long plane ride and forgot to swallow.  So I’m really not sure how bad my voice sounded.  I do know it’s not the best time for plants to be getting on my bad side.  I mean, there’s a chapter 5 that comes after 4, and a chapter 6 that comes after that.  The title of the story is Don’t Fear the Joker.  You hear what I’m sayin’, Pammy?

Okay, moving on.  It’s hard to imagine there could be something more besides coming back from a hiatus with a shiny new Joker chapter, but if you check your calendars, you’ll see April 1 is coming up.  And it seems that since the first year that Gotham After Dark became the Metropolis Tourist Bureau, there’s a small, deeply disturbed following wondering what will happen next.  Not to worry, SDDFs, I found a few minutes to whip up something appropriate for the message boards.

And finally *checking the time* work will resume on that pesky TBA just as soon as the chapter is launched.  Which is why I can’t dawdle making this morning’s entry more amusing.  Ciaomeow, everybody.

Chris Dee

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