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You’re in deep with the wrong people

July 9, 2012

One way to look at this is Selina having a busy night with two – count ‘em two – world class break ins that no other thief in the world could pull off.  And Occupy Gotham and the Anonymous hackers entrenched there, etc., etc.

"You're in deep with the wrong people" -Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle, The Dark  Knight Rises.   Bruce, you have NO IDEA.

The other way of looking at it is that our favorite feline is in way, way, way over her head.  (Including the extra inch from the ears)


Let’s just say it’s an episode with some seismic implications in the latest update at Gotham After Dark.


A Girl’s Gotta Eat

July 2, 2012

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It’s the Catwoman that Cat-Tales readers cherish glimpses of, but never got to see at the height of her power. We know Selina misses the old days as The World’s Greatest Cat Burglar – now you can see why, inside her head on a heist that will change her destiny at


The Gotham Rogues – The Fire Rises!

June 28, 2012


I guess we all know by now that The Gotham Rogues have had a bit of a week.  The season hasn’t even started yet and the Occupy Gotham chapter of anonymous hacked their website.  They put up a cute little video explaining “The Fire Rises” rally, just to have something up there while they repaired the damage, and THAT got hacked.  It’s really pretty creepy…

Anyway, they got the website back up now, but it’s really quite funny, because they didn’t get all the anonymous stuff out, so there are still remnants of the hack attack here and there.  Poor Rogues.  But you can’t keep a Gotham Rogue down for long.  They’ll be in top form by game day (Rapid City Monuments are going DOWN on the 20th!)   Remember, if you can’t be in the stands at Gotham Stadium, the ONLY place to be on game day is The Rising Fire sports bar.

The Fire Rises! Go Rogues.



Cat Burglar – Wayne Enterprises Connection

June 25, 2012

I’m not saying there is a definite connection here, I don’t claim to be a criminologist.  But a Mr. Jason Thalappille at the Gotham Observer recently ran a story about the slew of burglaries plaguing Gotham City, and this line just happened to pop out at me how so many of the victims seem to be hit when they’re not at home because they’re out attending Wayne-related events.catwoman-cat-burlaries-wayne-enterprises-dark-knight-rises-viralAnd at virtually the same time the Citizens Against Batman operating at Gotham After Dark saw, well, a catwoman-shape on the horizon.  The voting went to follow HER story, and this morning, we see that she is breaking into Wayne Enterprises!

Criminology-minded readers, am I crazy?  Am I imagining this?



WCDE Gotham Radio

June 18, 2012

WCDE Gotham Radio

Show of hands, who remembers Ken Motley, morning DJ at WCDE “Motley in the Morning” back announcing a little ditty called The Rabbit Hole in The Dark Knight viral?

Those following the viral know that Ken is out of work after WCDE’s parent company put this guy, Coleman Reese, on the air threatening to reveal Batman’s identity and precipitating the bombing at Gotham General Hospital.

Ken is a little bitter, and a Citizen Against Batman in Episode 3, as the CABbies hunt the Dark Knight at


The Rising Fire

June 14, 2012

THE place to be on GAME DAY

The Rising Fire is, quite simply, the oldest and many say the finest sports bar in Gotham.  It’s named – as all football fans know – for the nickname of the feared and famous Gotham Rogues offensive line as well as the fan practice rallying them on by waving the distinctive yellow Rogue Rag in the stands, chanting for “the fire to rise.”

It’s an entirely different fire that rises at the bar, as a look at the menu will show: homemade mustard, burning hot wings, rising fire peppers and jalapeno nuggets.

It’s much more than the food, though, it’s the social atmosphere.  If you can’t be in the Rogues Gallery at Gotham Stadium, The Rising Fire is simply THE place to be on GAME DAY.


I Believed in Harvey Dent

June 12, 2012

I Believed in Harvey Dent

Did you believe in Harvey Dent? So did the latest Citizen Against Batman featured in the new installment of Gotham After Dark

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