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The Gotham Rogues – The Fire Rises!

June 28, 2012


I guess we all know by now that The Gotham Rogues have had a bit of a week.  The season hasn’t even started yet and the Occupy Gotham chapter of anonymous hacked their website.  They put up a cute little video explaining “The Fire Rises” rally, just to have something up there while they repaired the damage, and THAT got hacked.  It’s really pretty creepy…

Anyway, they got the website back up now, but it’s really quite funny, because they didn’t get all the anonymous stuff out, so there are still remnants of the hack attack here and there.  Poor Rogues.  But you can’t keep a Gotham Rogue down for long.  They’ll be in top form by game day (Rapid City Monuments are going DOWN on the 20th!)   Remember, if you can’t be in the stands at Gotham Stadium, the ONLY place to be on game day is The Rising Fire sports bar.

The Fire Rises! Go Rogues.



Preview: The Dark Knight Rises Score by Hans Zimmer

June 14, 2012

Those who follow me on Facebook know I’ve been having a little fun along the lines of…

Not saying I’m sick of The Dark Knight Rises preshow, but I did feel this morning was the time for some music that did not involve chanting of any kind.

Followed by some Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Arlo Guthrie, etc.

It’s good I got it out of my system, because today we got our first listen of the actual music of The Dark  Knight Rises.  Not the same old chanting, but a 30-second clip of each song from the official soundtrack.



A Storm is coming

On Thin Ice

Gotham’s Reckoning

Mind if I Cut In

Underground Army

The Fire Rises

Nothing Out There


Fear Will Find You

Death by Exile

Imagine The Fire

Necessary Evil

Why Do We Fall



The Rising Fire

June 14, 2012

THE place to be on GAME DAY

The Rising Fire is, quite simply, the oldest and many say the finest sports bar in Gotham.  It’s named – as all football fans know – for the nickname of the feared and famous Gotham Rogues offensive line as well as the fan practice rallying them on by waving the distinctive yellow Rogue Rag in the stands, chanting for “the fire to rise.”

It’s an entirely different fire that rises at the bar, as a look at the menu will show: homemade mustard, burning hot wings, rising fire peppers and jalapeno nuggets.

It’s much more than the food, though, it’s the social atmosphere.  If you can’t be in the Rogues Gallery at Gotham Stadium, The Rising Fire is simply THE place to be on GAME DAY.


I wasn’t going to dip a clawtip into The Dark Knight Rises Viral this soon but… about that chanting

June 6, 2011

I swore I wasn’t going sink a clawtip into The Dark Knight Rises viral this early. I tweeted the fire rises thing and shared that hashtag picture of Bane on Facebook, that was it. It took 10 seconds and I was done. Movie isn’t out for a year yet and I’ve got way too much on my plate as it is without downloading wave files and slowing them down, applying filters to clean them up, etc. etc.

Except, here’s the thing, writers become masters of procrastination. Masters. And when you’re looking down at the blank piece of paper and it looks up at you and says “You think you’re so tough, I’m a blank piece of paper, what are you gonna do about it?” sometimes you back off. Live to fight another day. All that. So I went to listen to this chanting at

Now, is it me?  Am I really the only one that thinks that sounds like “Ra’s al ghul, Ra’s al ghul, Bane, Bane”?

Maybe I am, so let’s go to the tape…

Here’s a clip, slowed down.

The Dark Knight Rises viral chanting at

Chanting from The Dark Knight Rises website, processed.

(Actually, the way I clipped it on the best filtering job, it’s Bane-Bane, Ra’s al Ghul-Ra’s al Ghul.   Sorry.  Tomato-tomahto.)

Chris Dee


The Dark Knight Rises meets Flashpoint

May 21, 2011

(aka The Week Outside of Cat-Tales)

Two big events in Comics Goodness this week*: The Dark Knight Rises started filming in London  and DC Comics launched their latest Crisis/Mega Event Flashpoint.

Now, one of my favorite running gags in the Robert Altman’s movie about movie-making The Player:  Every time we hear a screenwriter pitch a script, they fall back on “It’s X meets Y”  “It’s Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman”

To celebrate The Dark Knight Rises and DC Comics milestones, I submit to you a little something JLAin’t author MyklarCure whipped up at the fantastic Florida F/X school: Dave School.  I like to call it: The Dark Knight meets Flashpoint:

Best. Project. Ever. LOL – We were given a 20 second audio clip to animate. The clip: Christian Bale’s infamous rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation. LANGUAGE WARNING! (Duh).
The instructor said he couldn’t give mine a review during class because he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t concentrate on it. 😉

*3 if you count #thefirerises viral launching

Chris Dee

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