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Remembering the fan favorite moment from The Gotham Rogues: Riddler and Bane

October 12, 2018

On this day in 2011, The Gotham Rogues began to ultimately conclude as The Dark Knight Rises opened the following summer. A look back at a fan favorite moment


Cat-Tales Update: The Gotham Rogues

November 28, 2011

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Now that we’re done with turkey and shopping, it’s back to Gotham.  Where was it we left off in The Gotham Rogues?

Batman and Catwoman were staging some pretty graphic sex for the benefit of… The Gotham Post!  Yes, the goings on at DC have been acknowledged once more in Cat-Tales, with the usual CT spin, of course.

Batman and Catwoman having Sex in Cat-Tales

This time our pals at the Post aren’t getting it wrong because of any failing on their part, this time they’re caught up in a Batman protocol, poor bastards, and doing exactly what Bruce intends for them to do.

Batman and Catwoman have sex for the benefit of traffic cameras as part of a protocol in The Gotham Rogues

But there is more going on in Gotham than even Batman know, and tensions between the Rogues and the Mobs have never been higher.  Where was it we left off again?  Oh yeah, it went something like:  BOOM!

The Gotham Rogues versus The Gotham Mobs in the current Cat-Tale, The Gotham Rogues by Chris Dee

That was a nasty place for the “To be continued” wasn’t it?  But Chapter 2 is here at last.  Have at!

The Gotham Rogues Chapter 2: The Classic Error on the Main CT Website  and on Mobile-friendly Cat-Tales Mobi.

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