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Batman Day – Minus 4

July 20, 2014

Batman Day is almost here, and… Uh boy.  Well, we at Cat-Tales had what we thought was a nifty idea getting our little stable of Rogues together to send a congratulatory message celebrating 75 years of the Bat they love to hate.  So far, it’s not quite working out the way we planned.  Their a self-absorbed lot and the concept of other people, even sending a message to other people, doesn’t always register.

Bane Shaming himself

Bane-shaming, is that a thing now?

First we have Bane, who somehow keyed into the idea of holding a sign being a shame sign and deciding to shame himself.  About his workout mix.   That came in #413 on our list.

And then…

Harley Quinn Shaming

Harley Shaming really should be a thing.


Okay, none of us really expected her to get it, now did we?


Those Wonderful Toys

December 17, 2013

A chess set fashioned after the Gotham Rogues, undoubtedly a creation of The Z.  Riddler used it as a snappy little prop/conversation starter for a sitdown with Batman in (fittingly) The Gotham Rogues when Joker, Poison Ivy, Clayface and the others were his weapons in the war with the Gotham mobs.

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

“Interesting choice. Most people would have made him the king.”
“Most people are idiots,” Riddler observed. “King is not only the weakest piece on the board, he’s the most predictable. Moves one square, can’t put himself in check, and because he’s so gosh-darn important, he doesn’t move at all until there are no options left. Bishop, on the other hand, can wreak havoc just by existing. Move the pawn sitting in front of him, it’s a whole new game board.”
Behind Batman’s mask, Bruce looked up sharply. It was a shockingly brilliant analysis.
“Diagonal moves,” Batman noted. “Psychologically more erratic, amidst the squares and straight lines of the board.”
Eddie shook his head, dissatisfied with the idea.
“No, to play that game, the most psychologically irrational movement is the knight’s… I didn’t want to do that. You were going to see it. That seemed… needlessly rude.”

Too tantalizing to retire, it showed up again in Inside an Enigma, and now it’s back again – this time on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center in Second Life.

Also on display, a Catarang.  In Not My Kink Catwoman takes over Batman’s patrol while Bruce recovers from an injury (in Armchair Detective).  By Week 5, she’s earned a little gift.

Catarang from Not My Kink in the Virtual Visitor Center

I never realized he made the first batarangs himself. I’ve used Kittlemeier from day one for my things. But this, he made it himself.

Such a sweet scene. Of course the deceptively idyllic moment couldn’t last, but that year the chapter that was “a short and sweet taste of life in the Batcave” made a Christmas present for readers who hadn’t had a holiday tale for quite some time.

Both items are on display for a limited time Virtual Visitor Center.


Boy, you got a crap name there, Bane

June 8, 2013

Since Cat-Tales is not a Femslash series, the F4F audience was more than patient when the bulk of my first interview spent so much of the hour+ on Selina Kyle, Bruce and Selina, Edward Nigma, Roxy Rocket, Victor Frieze, etc. When the conversation finally did turn to Harley and Ivy, Harvey Dent was part of the equation. That show is now signing off, and for its final 4 episodes, host Allaine is inviting back past guests in groups of four. I agreed to a return visit to round out the first foursome, fully expecting to make up for that first appearance and devote the bulk of the time to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Imagine my surprise when this guy’s name came up:

Bane in the Gotham Subway station, upstaged by the real Gotham again

As it ever was, so shall it ever be: Bane upstaged by the real Gotham. Character portraits, Cat-Tales Gallery

Boy, you've got a crap name there, Ban

“One note, kind of like you.”
-Edward Nigma, The Gotham Rogues

Bane was introduced in Cat-Tales in Chapter 4 of Comedy of Errors. He’s discovered at Ramon’s Café & Bar Lounge in Lubbock, Texas. I asked a friend in that part of the country for a location that “wasn’t the absolute end of the world, but you can see it from there,” and that’s how Ramon’s and the Banester himself came to reside in Lubbock.

At the time of that first interview, those few scenes were all we had seen of Bane, but I knew what was coming. Storm clouds were forming over Gotham, there was a war coming between the Rogues and the Mobs, and it was Bane and not Carmine Falcone who would wind up being the major antagonist.

Now, I’ve never been one to play the spoiler game, but if I had known going in that Bane’s name would come up, I might have come prepared to drop a hint or two.  Having missed that opportunity, I will say here that while the man himself is no longer in Gotham, and while his appearance in the Tales was obviously to play along and have some fun with The Dark Knight Rises dusting off the big hulking steroid case, nothing in Cat-Tales Gotham happens in a hermetically sealed package that begins with the first sentence of chapter 1 and ends with the final period.  Pebbles were dropped in The Gotham Rogues and the ripples from those pebbles are still moving through the waters of Inside an Enigma.

There endeth the tease for the upcoming chapter of Enigma.  Now, let’s all enjoy one last laugh at the expense of Santa Prisca’s favorite son:


Final thought. While I badly want to go out on the Guns n’ Roses, I simply can’t hold off on saying this: Eddie was right. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a cute, punny title related to Bane? I wanted to title this entry something quippy and clever, but there’s not a Don’t Fear the Joker or Riddle Me-Tropolis to be had with him.


The Gotham Rogues: The Ebook We Deserve

August 7, 2012

The Gotham Rogues ebook and print-quality pdf is done and ready for download on the cat-tales website.  I’ve got mobi format for Kindle readers and epub, the universal ebook format should work for everyone else.  PDF for printing.

Long before they were a football team, they were The Gotham Rogues.


Carmine Falcone liked to think of himself as The Godfather, and nothing said Godfather like a big mob wedding. Bane liked to think of himself as ‘The Man Who Broke Batman,’ entitled to all the respect and homage of that achievement. You don’t trash their dreams without consequences, even if you’re The Gotham Rogues.



The Gotham Rogues: Why Do We Fall

July 20, 2012

It all began… Boy, how did it begin? Oh yes, a 40,000 carat fiberglass “diamond” taken as a trophy for the Batcave, a runaway chain of misunderstandings about Bruce Wayne getting engaged to Selina Kyle—which led the Gotham Rogues to trash the wedding of Carmine Falcone’s godson and led Batman to track down Bane, setting off years of pent up rage.

One man’s Legend is another’s “runaway bobsled to hell.” Whatever you call it, it ends in The Gotham Rogues: Why Do We Fall on the Cat-Tales website and the mobile-friendly mirror


Before the Legend Ends, read back to how it began

July 13, 2012

Carmine Falcone liked to think of himself as The Godfather, and nothing said Godfather like a big mob wedding. Bane liked to think of himself as ‘The Man Who Broke Batman,’ entitled to all the respect and homage of that achievement. You don’t trash their dreams without consequences, even if you’re The Gotham Rogues.

Cat-Tales 65: The Gotham Rogues will conclude, fittingly, July 20 2012  Before the Legend ends, remember how it began at


The Gotham Rogues – The Fire Rises!

June 28, 2012


I guess we all know by now that The Gotham Rogues have had a bit of a week.  The season hasn’t even started yet and the Occupy Gotham chapter of anonymous hacked their website.  They put up a cute little video explaining “The Fire Rises” rally, just to have something up there while they repaired the damage, and THAT got hacked.  It’s really pretty creepy…

Anyway, they got the website back up now, but it’s really quite funny, because they didn’t get all the anonymous stuff out, so there are still remnants of the hack attack here and there.  Poor Rogues.  But you can’t keep a Gotham Rogue down for long.  They’ll be in top form by game day (Rapid City Monuments are going DOWN on the 20th!)   Remember, if you can’t be in the stands at Gotham Stadium, the ONLY place to be on game day is The Rising Fire sports bar.

The Fire Rises! Go Rogues.


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