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Wayne Rises Chapter 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror

October 19, 2012

Bruce and Selina in Wayne Rises 5: Interlude at the Bathroom MirrorI could have dropped a hint or two that the new chapter was almost ready, particularly when I posted such a stunner of a Bruce/Selina pic this morning, seeing that it is their civilian lives which are the focus of the current tale’s intrigue.  But I decided to let it be a surprise.  And so, without warning…


The cat burglar has struck again –during the third ball of the Wayne Foundation Elemental Fete, just as everyone feared. The Water Ball was followed by a third daring robbery, and that’s not even the worst of it as Gregorian Falstaff is ready to make his move… in Wayne Rises Part 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror


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