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Comic-Con Tweets

July 24, 2010
If you have an iPhone to give away, you can get thousands of people at Comic-Con to tweet anything you want.  Next year, I’m buying a couple dozen for:

Didio looks like he’s aged 30 years since September.

Twilight fan panel canceled after CosPlay mishap.

Comic-Con fun: ordered a Cattitude at the Marriott bar in front of Matt Idelson.

Unless you’re dressed as an Imperial Storm Trooper, DO NOT go in Room 26AB.

Grant Morrison has the cursed monkey’s paw.

Three things that should never go together: IMAX, vampires and nachos.  I’m just sayin’

Jim Lee is HOT.
(Not giving away a phone for that, it’s just a personal observation.)

Bride of the Demon was only written to make Denny O’Neil stop trying to break up Batman and Catwoman, settle down and  do his effing job.

Of course it didn’t work, he just started spending his time trying to make Bride continuity and The Long Halloween an Elseworld.

No, seriously, my Uncle Larry was dead for 3 days and he looked better than Didio looks now.

Just saw a Xena, a real Catwoman and two Hulks beating up a goggle-whore in Ballroom 3.  WIN!

Comic-Con fun: ordered a DEE-vious at Hilton bar in front of Will Pfeifer.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach is HOT.
(No giveaway.  Again, just a personal observation.)

Those were the droids you were looking for.

Unless that hazmat suit is real, DO NOT go in Room 8.

Ferregamo, Manolo Blanik and Jimmy Choo recognize DC Comics w/ special merit award.

There is no such thing as a Lego Amazon.

Chris Dee

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