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Cat-Tales Top 15, Part 4

April 21, 2016

It’s Part 4 of Cat-Tales’ Anniversary Countdown, and a steamy moment certain fans have been waiting for with less than a Zen Master’s patience has finally made the list.


Cat-Tales Top 15 Moments (Part 4)




Happy Batman Day Minus-Two

July 21, 2014

As the march to Batman Day continues, so does the epic confusion about holding up signs on the Internet. You’re up, Harvey.


Batman Day Minus-2

But, but…  Oh why do I even bother.


Well, we knew his sign would be nonsense


Gallery Spotlight: Fate

October 29, 2012

Not in the mood for another theme week, so this week’s Gallery Spotlights will feature a little bit of everything.  Starting off with a faux motivation Poster starring everyone’s favorite bifurcated baddie: Harvey Dent

Batman Motivaton Poster: Two-Face. Fate

Fate: With friends like these…


Character Portrait: Two-Face

September 7, 2012
Character Portrait: Two-Face

We Believe in Darth Duality


Cat-Tales: The Gotham Rogues – Chapter 6: Against Belief

April 10, 2012

Cat-Tales: The Gotham Rogues – Chapter 6: Against Belief

You knew it was close when the trailer went up yesterday.  Now it’s here.  On the official Cat-Tales website, natch, and the mobile-friendly mirror  Enjoy.


The Gotham Rogues – Chapter 3

January 19, 2012

It’s here, as promised.

Carmine Falcone tried to blow up Two-Face and Poison Ivy.  He tried to assassinate The Joker.  Did he really think The Gotham Rogues would run away to Jersey?

On an unrelated note (is it?) this is Catwoman’s favorite gargoyle, right down the street from the Wayne Tower.  Anyone who saw Cat-Tales knows that, including Batman.

The Gotham Rogues Chapter 3: Batman, Catwoman, Bane, Mobs versus the Rogues

Read The Gotham Rogues at
or mobile-friendly




Batman and Catwoman and All Things Gotham

October 28, 2011

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