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May 5, 2014

Curious about those Data Wells in the Batcave?

The first one appeared, hexagonal, appeared in Chapter 1 of Inside an Enigma while Bruce was mulling over the Diamond Heist puzzle and again when Selina was making her plans for Riddler and Doris.  Some saw a similarity to the forensic investigation in Hush, but the truth is, the new toy wasn’t inspired by any comic book but by Tony Stark’s playroom  in the movies.  (Say what you want about Mr. Stark, he’s a billionaire with a knack for eye candy tech toys.)


Selina Kyle in the Batcave: Original Hexagonal Data Well from Inside an Enigma

Selina had a bit of Batcave-inspired tech in her new Cat Lair too, what Doris likened to an NSA Tech Bunker as pictured in movies and television. It had nothing to do with the data well, but was based on the configuration of Workstation One (Batman’s).


Catwoman using Batman’s workstation to make log entries when she takes over for him in Not My Kink.

Finally, in the new story Spontaneous Generation, Selina has been tinkering with the data well, reconfiguring the screens to be less claustrophobic. It caused a little buzz among readers, leading to these pictures.



Selina’s modification of the Data Well introduced in Spontaneous Generation

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