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A Freakout of Fanboys

August 28, 2013

If I say I received two emails Sunday, one with the subjectline Affleck Weekend and one titled simply Fanboy Freakout, I assume no reader of this blog (or for that matter, no one who hasn’t just woken from a coma) needs to be told why.


What’s interesting about this isn’t the freakout itself, but the bizarre timing (Warner Bros made the announcement on Friday when fans would have all weekend to work it into a lather) and then the triple attempt at a shaming response as if the pushback wasn’t expected.

First it was Team Nolan’s rather petulant “Hey, you didn’t like the Heath Ledger idea either.”  Then Joss ‘The One You Still Like Who Had Nothing To Do With TDKR or MoS’ Whedon announces support for Batman casting choice.  And finally, we had the actor himself making a video response with Jay and Silent Bob – as in Oh yeah, he was in Mallrats – as in 1995 Kevin f-ing Smith. So much for the one valid point that was made this past weekend that maybe the guy who was on stage accepting Argo’s Oscar for Best Picture a few short months ago shouldn’t be judged on a body work that predates the CD-Rom.

Reminding us of that ancient history, along with the patronizing attitude, and indeed the whole of the reaction just doesn’t seem like the work of savvy Hollywood spin professionals who knew this was coming. It seems like a kneejerk of people who didn’t think it through because they didn’t see it coming… And I’m wondering why.

Fanboys flip out.  It’s what they do.  Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.  How in the name of #DanSlottRapedMyChildhood can you be an adult, on the internet, and working in some capacity even remotely connected to comic book superheroes and NOT BE AWARE?

And so, for the edification of those caught off guard last week and the entertainment of those who simply made popcorn, I present AN EXALTATION OF LARPS: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom*.

A Freakout of Fanboys: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom

A Freakout of Fanboys: A Guide to the Collective Nouns of Fandom

*That title, by the way, is a nod to An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton, which you really should check out. It’s a wonderful book.


Who are you pretending to be?

May 24, 2012
Texts from Catwoman

Texts from Catwoman

Followers of this blog have probably seen the new TV Spots for The Dark Knight Rises by now.  I decided to have a little fun with the fact that Selina seems to be stealing Bruce’s Lamborghini, which not only dovetails into all the fun I’ve had with a certain purple Lambo in Cat-Tales since it was introduced in Short Tales(has it really been that long?  Yes, yes it has), it was also a reason to dust off and re-trumpet last month’s Texts from Catwoman fun.

Remember this one?  So did I, but when I went looking for it, I discovered something intriguing as I scrolled down the page.


Texts from Catwoman

April 13, 2012

If anyone hasn’t seen or heard about the Texts from Hillary Tumblr I can only assume your internet is out, your dog ate your phone, you have no friends, and you don’t watch the news. If anyone doesn’t know a bunch of new pics came out from The Dark Knight Rises, there’s really nothing this blog can do for you. For everyone else, behold the parody that simply had to happen…
Texts from Catwoman
via Cat-Tales

Texts from Catwoman
via Cat-Tales

Texts from Catwoman
via Cat-Tales

Texts from Catwoman
via Cat-Tales


And we thought Mr. Nolan was too busy to get us anything for Christmas…

December 19, 2011

A much more detailed trailer to The Dark Knight Rises than either the teaser of a few months ago or the prologue.

Merry Christmas, Bat Fans


Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit?

September 1, 2011

catwoman-selina-kyle-anne-hathaway-princess-little-girls-castles-when-i-grow-up-i-want-to-be-2Goggles aside, Catwoman fans and Cat-Tales fans in particular have three very good reasons to be excited about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. We can’t know what’s in the script, naturally, but there were two recent episodes that lead me to believe that, as far as the actress is concerned, this is a Catwoman we can get behind.

Most of us made the acquaintance of the beautiful 28-year-old actress waaay back in 2001 when she starred opposite Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries. At the time, Anne told Access Hollywood, “a lot of questions that I used to get asked were, ‘So, every girl when she grows up wants to be a princess, did you want to be a princess when you grew you?’ And I so wish I’d said what I felt back then, because the truth was, ‘No, I wanted to be Catwoman!’ And now I am… That dream came true, for sure.”

That’s it. Game. Set. Match.

She wanted to be Catwoman. The way some little girls dream of fairy tale castles, handsome princes, white weddings and My Little Pony (not necessarily in that order), some of us dreamed of being Catwoman. When modern comics have gone off the rails, it’s because they forgot that core truth: we want to be these characters. Look, up in the sky, it’s Superman! You’re a kid, you’re small, you’re weak. Imagine being able to fly! Imagine being strong enough to pick up a train and hurl it like a javelin! We grow up wanting to be these characters.

Ms. Hathaway has clearly not forgotten. “That dream came true, for sure.” So far, so good.

Now obviously there is only so much an actress can do if the material misses the mark. Back when Tim Burton was making Batman Returns, Sean Young was clearly in touch with her childhood dream to be Catwoman. Her stunts to get Burton’s attention got her a ‘crazy actress’ label and no role, but there is perhaps a better insight into the desire we girls have to become that powerful and sexy feline fatale than there is in what actually hit the screen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Burton’s movies at the time, but his Gotham is, by his own admission “a freak show” and his Batman and Catwoman are the very much product of that era’s comics: damaged freaks that no sane person would want to be. His Catwoman’s power, like so much what comes out of the comics origins, is not a natural part of the woman animal. Selina isn’t simply beautiful and sexy and smart and strong because she is born that way. As if beautiful, witty and savvy women don’t occur in nature, her amazing power to make the Dark Knight… rise must be explained with an origin. It is, invariably, a reaction against oppression, exploitation, or abuse.

We’re getting back to Anne in a minute, I promise.

How exactly does a smart, sexy, witty and talented woman react when she’s been misrepresented in the press? When she is not a damaged psycho that can only snarl and hiss, when she has a sense of humor and a playful instinct for mischief? In Cat-Tales, Selina uses her celebrity as Catwoman to mount an off-Broadway show and uses that spotlight to call out the tabloids about the lies they tell about Batman, about Catwoman, and what really goes on in Gotham after dark.

It’s not exactly the same, but Anne Hathaway recently appeared on Conan and vented her frustrations with the paparazzi – seriously – in a rap in the style of Lil’ Wayne.

anne-hathaway-catwoman-selina-kyle-rapping-paparazzi-on-conanThat’s… Selina!

That’s my Selina. I don’t know what Messers Nolan, Nolan, and Goyer have written for her, but that woman could play the Selina Kyle of Cat-Tales without bothering to act.

Back when the casting was first announced, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perf…

Oh wait, I said three reasons, didn’t I?

Sexy. DC Comics is relaunching their universe today and the writer of their new Catwoman comic apparently used the word “sexy” 40 times in an interview. That shouldn’t surprise anyone outside of the comics world. Catwoman = sexy. Everybody knows that. And let’s face it, what we’ve seen of the zip-up biker chick outfit isn’t. But everything we have seen of Ms Hathaway exudes that confidence and good humor, that energy and vivacity that is the essence of sex appeal. I don’t know about still photos, but seeing her interviews of the past few weeks, I think the lady can be sexy wearing sack cloth.

So, Christopher Nolan said when we see the movie in 2112, we will understand why Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are perfect casting as Catwoman and Bane. In the former case, he is 11 months ahead of schedule.

Chris Dee

Article first published as Santa, All I Want for Christmas is… Wait, does Barbie come with a latex catsuit? on Blogcritics.


Leave the Gun, Take the Catwoman

August 17, 2011

Cat-Tales Catwoman Fan Fiction by Chris Dee: Carmine Falcone, the Godfather

Monday was a crazy-busy day for Cat-Tales.  First, we had the release of Comedy of Errors latest installment: Chapter 5 – Frank Pentangelli.  For those who can’t place the name, “Frankie Five Angels” was the caporegime in The Godfather Part II who stayed in the east, running The Corleone Family in New York after Michael moved the family to Nevada.  He’s a great touchstone back to the first film, the family as they were and how much they’ve changed… That’s not exactly why he’s the title of the chapter.  For that you’ll have to read it.  Anyway, the new chapter is out, and it contained quite a surprise, the significance of which will be playing out for a while…

Chris Dee on The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan, The Catwoman Costume Controvercy, and the Godfather

Perhaps because it was on my mind, The Godfather also figured prominently in my last Blogcritics piece: Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman’s Goggles, and an Offer You Can’t Refuse.  You know, it’s not easy making a movie in 2011.  Everybody on the street has a phone, every phone has a camera and half of them are prelinked to share the goods on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube before a PA can yell “HEY, you shouldn’t be back… here.”  But before we start feeling too bad for all Chris Nolan is going through trying to shoot The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, consider that 40 years ago before any of the social networks and fanboy complications, things were… so much worse!

And finally, it was Jim Balent’s birthday, and one of my favorite DeviantArt Catwoman artists, Aichan25, made a wonderful birthday tribute to the creator of the original Catwoman #1 oh-so-sexy purple Catwoman

Jim Balent Catwoman Purple Catwoman Costume: Happy Birthday Mr. Balent by Aichan25

That’s Aichan25, remember that name because there is a lot more art to come in the coming months at Catwoman Fan Art Gallery on the Cat-Tales website, and at the virtual exhibit spaces in Second Life.

Chris Dee


Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing

May 18, 2011

Comic books and fairy tales.  Stories we revere from childhood that fired our imaginations and at the same time slipped in some principles on how to live our lives, what we can become, what we can achieve.  Some of our parents thought we had to put that aside when we grew up, but since the Baby Boomers came of age, we’ve embraced the idea that this doesn’t have to be kid’s stuff.  From Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings to Nolan’s The Dark Knight, we’ve seen that fantasy, science fiction, and comic book stories can be told for adults.  Of course, every good story is grounded in a battle between Good and Evil.  There’s a reason for that.  We tell these stories to prepare us for life, and in real life, that battle between Light and Darkness rages.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time has the potential to bring that battle elegantly and beautifully into the mainstream.  From the writers of Lost, the world begins as we might expect: with a tantalizing mystery.  28-year old Emma Swan finds herself in Storybrook, a mysterious place where some strange rules seem to apply – rules that don’t quite seem to jibe with the laws of nature. In the First Look video…

Okay, a young boy tells Emma it’s all the work of a wicked queen, “She sent everyone from the Enchanted Forest here” and they don’t know that they’re characters from fairy tales.  Sounds kinda cool, I liked The Sixth Sense and Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.  But none of that is what made me sit up and take notice.  What did it was that moment after the screen went black  and those 4 gleaming words appeared:


And so there are in every genre that touches on those cherished childhood memories.  From comic books to movies, there are those who claim writing for an adult audience means a nihilist and cynical world in which there are no real heroes and no real hope.  Those who cannot dream will always try to destroy yours.  They have been trying to poison our childhood memories and destroy our heroes for years.  Until Geoff Johns’s Infinite Crisis and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, that divide in the comics world was confined to the non-fictional arenas.  Nolan’s Dark Knight fictionalized it in a battle for Gotham’s soul.  Joker’s view being the cynic’s “When the chips are down, all these civilized people will eat each other”  and Batman believing in the people of Gotham City.  When his faith is proven right, when the people of Gotham decine to “eat each other” as Joker predicted, he asks pointedly “What was your point, that everyone is as ugly as you?”

Will Once Upon a Time take that battle to the next level?  Is this a tale of Darkness and Cynicism versus Light and Hope?

I give you two moments from that FIRST LOOK: 

Trollish man in a cage:
Everything we love will be ripped from
us while we suffer for all eternity.


Believing in even the possibility of a
happy ending is a very powerful thing


Once upon a time Hope fought Despair.  Once upon a time Light fought Darkness.  Once upon a time Good fought Evil.

Once upon a time…  Damn, I’m there.

Chris Dee

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