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Inside an Enigma: Complete Ebook and Print Downloads now available

September 23, 2013
Catwoman settles scores with Riddler in Cat-Tales Inside An Enigma

“I said I was a patient cat; I am. I said I would wait,  I did. And now Fate, friend of cats, has laid the key to his happiness at my feet.  He betrayed my friendship, betrayed my trust. And now… he is going… to pay.”

Once a tale is finished, I like to release the ebook and pdfs formatted for printing as soon as possible.  In this case, Inside an Enigma was delayed by the Book One audio books.  But it’s here now!  For Kindle /mobi and the universal ebook format ePub; as well as print quality PDF.


“It’s a labyrinth of cunning and puzzles and riddle-mania… but never hard to follow. That’s what makes it riveting…”

“Selina is a lot smarter and a lot scarier than a lot of people realise.”

“Simply brilliant.


“AWESOME, and so very, *very* Kitty!”


Wayne Rises… February 14

February 14, 2013

Cat-Tales 66: Wayne Rises released as ebook on Valentine’s Day, 2013

It’s been a long time coming, but the events of Wayne Rises brought a moment to the Cat-Tales Universe that readers have been waiting for, so having this one packaged and ready for download was the best Valentine’s Day gift I could come up with.

Ebook is provided in mobi format for Kindle and epub, the universal ebook format.  High-quality pdf for easy printing.  Have your Cat-Tales to go.

Shall I compare thee to a Gotham Night?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
The last didn’t mean much while war raged between the Rogues and the Mobs, but now that Falcone’s fallen, Bane is done and the Rogues Gallery is up the river, a Gotham night is really quite temperate.  All we have to contend with is some Hollywood wunderkind making a movie about a jewel thief, this upstart Falstaff talking trash about the Wayne Foundation, and a couple fundraisers and–Kitten?  Kitten where are you going?

It’s Cat-Tales 66: Wayne Rises.  Complete and downloadable as ebook or print-ready pdf.  What’s past is prologue.




The Gotham Rogues: The Ebook We Deserve

August 7, 2012

The Gotham Rogues ebook and print-quality pdf is done and ready for download on the cat-tales website.  I’ve got mobi format for Kindle readers and epub, the universal ebook format should work for everyone else.  PDF for printing.

Long before they were a football team, they were The Gotham Rogues.


Carmine Falcone liked to think of himself as The Godfather, and nothing said Godfather like a big mob wedding. Bane liked to think of himself as ‘The Man Who Broke Batman,’ entitled to all the respect and homage of that achievement. You don’t trash their dreams without consequences, even if you’re The Gotham Rogues.



Selina Kyle the Fashionista Returns, this time on the set of The Dark Knight Rises, and the Final Word on the Catwoman Costume Controversy from none other than Christian Bale

September 14, 2011

Selina Kyle: Fashionista Under the Mask has to be one of the most surprise-popular entries in this blog.  I only made that particular fashion spread because there was some disappointment with Selina dressed so casually on the cover of A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation (although to be fair, backstage and out of costume is a place for t-shirt and jeans… maybe one of these days I’ll add her show jacket.)  Anyway, looking at the popularity of those pictures and the upsurge in readers on stories mentioned where Selina’s wearing Chanel or the Dior Red Goddess #6*, it’s obvious there is a real desire for the classy Selina Kyle, who has been missing from non-Cat-Tales Catwoman appearances for far too long.

Which brings us to The Dark Knight Rises and these wonderful pictures of Anne Hathaway’s Selina, dressed to the nines for day and evening.

Selina Kyle, Fashionista, Sexy and Classy in The Dark Knight RisesSelina Kyle, Fashionista, Displaying her very sexy legs in The Dark Knight RisesSelina Kyle, Fashionista, Sexy and Classy in The Dark Knight Rises

In the words of the gal who sent me these, and believe me she speaks for all women :  I WANT THAT SUIT!  I know you guys will be more interested in that hailing a taxi long-shot that shows off Selina’s famously sexy legs, but I really wanted to include that OOC shot with the jacket off so you could see the beautiful lines of the sleeveless dress underneath.

Of course for evening, you want something more formal.

Selina Kyle, Fasionista, Elegant and classy in an evening gown, The Dark Knight Rises


The Catwoman Costume Controversy is ended thanks to Christian Bale, Batman and Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. "Cape is not practical."Now, before we leave the set of The Dark Knight Rises and the subject of how Selina Kyle is dressed, I have some sad news for the goggles-are-practical crowd.  It is, quite simply, the final word on the Catwoman Costume Controversy, and it comes from none other than the Batman himself, starring as Bruce Wayne in all three Chris Nolan Dark Knight epics, Academy Award winner and my favorite human: Christian Bale.

“Let me say whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn’t really onto anything good. The number of times I’m treading on that damn thing or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It’s really not practical.

That’s it, guys. Game over.  Either you must now get rid of Batman’s cape, or you have to come with some other reason you want Catwoman to wear Snoopy the Dog’s goggles, subverting the whole notion of what a mask is and how it works, while making her look like a bee.  Good luck with that.

The rest of you get some art:

The Catwoman Costume Question has been settled thanks to Christian Bale, Batman/Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.   "The Cape is not practical."

Click for full-size (i.e. legible) image

And finally, for anyone who is still taking the whole thing too seriously, despite the send-up of Selina ranting against the Post-goggles in the last tale, you can now revisit the classic Clayface-as-Selina scene in print or ebook form.  Cat-Tales: Comedy of Errors is now available for download in print-quality PDF, Kindle/Mobi, and Epub the universal ebook format.  Enjoy.

*No, seriously, more people are currently asking which tales have the fashion plot points than which stories contain the suggestive Batman-Catwoman stuff.  *looks around, concerned* This is still the internet, isn’t it?

Chris Dee


January 27, 2011

Announcing a mobile-friendly website offering all Cat-Tales, from A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation through A Bon Chat, Bon Rat.  Selected spinoffs coming soon!  Epub links are also available for iPhone users with the Stanza reader to launch the app and read the ebook directly from the website without intermediary steps.

All other ebook formats – for Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad, and all other reading devices – are available for download on the main Cat-Tales website.

Chris Dee

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Fat is Flavor

November 10, 2010

Chef Josh Grinker recently blogged a list of “Things Chefs Don’t Want You To Know.” The explanation for #1 (There is butter in everything) began like this:

In every culinary school in America, they hammer home the same three-word mantra to students day after day, year after year, until it’s like a little voice in your brain that guides virtually every culinary decision you will make for the rest of your career: ‘Fat is Flavor.’

Batman-Catwoman kiss, blog entry: Fat is Flavor

Now, this isn’t a cooking blog, and if there are any nutrition proselytizers out there who want to make the case for their fat-free, salt-free, gluten free, lentil and tofu roulade being just as tasty as a deep dish with pepperoni and sausage from Giordano’s, they can lump it. Because there are two key elements in Grinker’s statement which are the gateway to serial success or—in DC Comics’s case—serial failure.

First of all, the three little words are true. I could spend a day perusing the Good Eats clips on youtube for Mr. Science-style demonstrations explaining that reality molecule-by-molecule, but again, this is not a cooking blog. The point is, regardless of what you say on the convention floor, no matter what you put in the press release or tell the columnist from IGN, and no matter what would be convenient for you personally or professionally, no matter what creates a political pain in the ass for you personally or professionally, the bedrock principle on which you base your decisions has to be TRUE. One example off the top of my head: readers like the theme rogues. You can accept that and build your one year arc around Croc, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Joker, Harley Quinn, Riddler, and Two-Face and be on your way to the hit of the decade, or you can reject it, stage a parade of faceless mobsters and serial killers, and then grouse that grumble that you’re never as popular as that other guy.

Assembling the list of wrong ideas DC has about life, the universe, and everything would be a daunting task, and not necessarily a productive one. Because the second key in Grinker’s statement is that repetition of the founding principle(s) until it becomes an instinct. There are some major figures out there who are so consistently wrong in everything they say and do, they’ve definitely got the instinct mechanism working, it’s just based on faulty base principles.
From “Bruce Wayne is the mask” to the fallacy of Millerism, they have core ideas, those ideas just happen to be wrong. But there are others who have no little voice leading them in any direction. They go from mediocre to pretty good to clinically insane, from really bad to slightly above average to “oh hell, the syphilis got to their brain.” That is the mark of a writer, editor, or manager who is stumbling blind. They have no root principles, so every choice brings them back to square one. They’re a ping pong ball in a wind tunnel, and whatever gusts hit them last will determine where they go next.

Look, things do change in this world. One of the major reasons the Titanic went down is because everything Captain Smith knew was wrong. It was based on based on 30 years of experience, but on that ship on that voyage in those waters: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. But here’s the catch: other things do NOT change. There is a reason the term is bedrock principles. Some things simply are, they are constants, they do not alter. “You know how you cook a great steak? You slather it in butter, throw it on the grill, paint it with more butter.” Because fat is flavor. The principles of storytelling do not change. Going home. Coming of age. Sin and redemption. The hero. The power of love. They are hardwired into us, just like our taste buds process sweet, sour, bitter, and salt. Can a new voice come up with something startling and creative and unprecedented? Absolutely. Can they invent a fifth taste? No. No, they can’t. Can they make it so we don’t like sweet anymore? No, no they can’t.

Find the true bedrock principles, repeat them until they become a little voice in the back of your mind shaping every decision you make, and you might just rock the world. Insist that fat isn’t flavor… well, enjoy your empty restaurant.

Meanwhile, the Cat-Tales kitchens are bustling these days. Electron 29: Chapter 4 is out. Compilations of Books 1 through 4 are out in ebook formats for Kindle, Sony, Nook, iPhone/iPad/iPod, and pretty much everything as well as new print-ready pdf editions. Individual Tales 1 through 50 are also available, and several have new covers showcased here, here, and here. The last ten tales (through #60) will be out – both individually and as the Book 5 Compilation – in time for Christmas. New installments of both spinoffs: Capes & Bats by Wanders Nowhere and Don’t Fear the Z by Random Equinox are in the pipeline and may actually be out by the time you read this, and an amazing new artist is soon to debut in the Fan Art Gallery. And oh yes, Batcatfever will kill me if I don’t mention that the forums have been quietly devouring the latest snippets from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Chris Dee


Capes, Bats, Cats, Covers… Not so much with The Closet

September 27, 2010

I certainly hoped to get in a quick comment on all the stuff that has been going on this summer which certainly warranted a purr or a scratch, but for which I didn’t have time.  A metaphorical closet-cleaning to match the physical one.  Unfortunately for my mental closet but fortunately for Cat-Tales, there has been – yet again – too much going on to bother with the knucklhead stuff.

1.  The new Cat-Tale: Electron 29 hit the cyberstands last week,  and as anyone who has written Edward Nigma will tell you, he doesn’t sit quietly in the back of your head waiting for you to finish other things before you start on his next chapter.  If you don’t start writing, he’ll start without you.  Meh.

2. Wanders Nowhere has released a new installment of his Dracula in Gotham fic Capes and Bats.  Much as I want to gush, you simply will not believe me.  Believe the forum: “This little tale created an imagery and gravitas in the first chapter that the graphic novel storytellers of Gotham have been trying to do for decades” “Gorgeous prose” “Masterful”.  ‘Nuff said.  Read it, just read it… in time for Halloween because we’re not done yet and… Whew… *fans self*  just read, trust me.

3. We’re getting ready to welcome a new artist into the fan art gallery, and that requires a little more work backstage than a busy girl could want in the midst of #1, 2, and 4.

4. EBOOKS!  Yes, the new ePub format is going to make mobile readers very happy and it’s also given me an opening to redo the printable pdfs and kindle documents so we have some consistency.  Win-win, but it’s the sort of thing where the first few will take a while, but taking the time to do them RIGHT will make everything go much smoother down the line.  In that spirit of doing it right, I want to give the individual story pdfs their own covers.  Right now, they use the square ones from the website and it’s okay but the images are not made for the medium and it shows.  Now, I don’t plan to do this for all the tales, but Cat-Tale #1 is, of course, a special case. So I have 4 possible covers up, and I am opening it up for a vote.  Please don’t worry about the words of the title “A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.”  They will be placed better on the final image, whichever it is to be.  Just vote for your favorite image.

Chris Dee

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