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Batman and Catwoman: Chemistry

July 13, 2013
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To some he was a fable, to some a nightmare, to some a detective, a freak, a hero, or a demon. But to Catwoman, he had always been, well… hers.* ~Cat-Tales: Fool

It’s been noted before that for the Definitive Batman and Catwoman series, Cat-Tales is hard for readers to recommend to hardcore shippers since a lot of the best Bruce/Selina moments are nestled in stories that are about other things. So I’m going to try a few things to make it easier than pointing to the 5+ book collection. This video is the first of what I hope will be little bite-size slices of the Cat-Tales life, recalling the first encounter from Catitude as recounted in Electron 29

Watch on Deviant Art

Please suggest some other ways to bring the tales to the attention to those people who love Batman, love Catwoman, love Bruce and Selina as a couple, but aren’t getting what they want from the comics, games and movies.


Happy Anniversary, Cat-Tales

March 8, 2013

It was March 8, 2001 when Chris Dee posted Chapter 1 of Cat-Tales 1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.  Today, the popular Bataman series celebrates its 12th Anniversary by cutting the ribbon on the new Fan Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.


“If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t been paying attention while I squee about it), we have new categories for Character Portraits, Sculpture, and even cosplay. If you HAVE seen the new gallery, you haven’t seen the new pieces – more from old favorites like Remidar and Anya Uribe, a brand new artist Shisa Ai making her debut on the Cat-Tales gallery with an exhibit of Catwoman: Black & White.”
–Chris Dee

As an added treat, the website has updated an old Ask Catwoman feature for the occasion, finally answering a question about the most-asked about topic: Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg.

Ask Catwoman


Showcasing Selina’s Preserve: The Catitat

January 12, 2013

Last month’s Pinterest board of Catwoman Loot proved to be quite popular, so this time, we’ve got another terrific collection visuals celebrating another facet of Selina’s world: the private Big Cats preserve that all that loot pays for.

Remember when Catwoman had a cat theme? In Cat-Tales her stealing pays for a Big Cats preserve called The Catitat

Cat-Tales Readers know The Catitat as Selina’s private preserve, built and maintained with the proceeds of Catwoman’s thefts, it is home to Nirvana, her favorite ocelot, Shimbala, the largest tiger in captivity, Myk and Brii the caracals, and countless others. Here, it will be home to the most beautiful pictures of Big Cats that I can find.  Click here.

CT readers first heard about the Catitat way back in Cat-Tales #2 Normal, where they met Nirvana the ocelot but it wasn’t until Polishing Silver: The Journal of Alfred Pennyworth that we got our first real look inside the cabin.  The Superman of an alternate universe was impressed into service to do some landscaping in String Theory, which gave our Selina an idea when he wanted her to take in some tigers from a Justice League mission in The New Black, and repercussions from that continued into Riddle Me-Tropolis.  Trophies revealed some surprising details from the preserve’s history – details neither Bruce nor Selina were aware of before the readers found out (A Cat-Tales first!)

Those are the most significant references that I can think of.  Tweet me if you have more to add.


Comic Book and Movie Reviews: Catwoman Cat-Tales Say Hello to the Theater of Comic Books

November 16, 2012

Comic Book and Movie Reviews interviews Chis Dee: Catwoman Cat-Tales and the Theater of Comic Books

The awesomeness that is Comic Book and Movie Reviews interviewed me about Catwoman, Theatre, Comic Books, and of course Cat-Tales.  It was a wonderful meeting Jay who got me to open up about not just my first comics but my first comic shop, the music of Cat-Tales and banana mash lasagna.   (Go read the interview. It will make sense when you read it.)


Character Portrait: Catwoman

September 3, 2012

Character Portrait: Catwoman

Introducing the Character Portrait Gallery. I thought we’d kick off a new round of spotlights with one of the new galleries. Beginning at the beginning with our favorite feline, on the Cat-Tales set at the Hijinx Playhouse.

Please like and share if you remember the real Selina Kyle fed up with the lies and punching back in Cat-Tales #1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.


New Chapter Day! [This post has been found in violation of H.R. 3261 S.O.P.A. and has been removed]

January 18, 2012

SOPA Blackout:   The Stop Online Piracy Act is about WikiLeaks not Pirated copies of The Dark Knight

The new chapter is ready.  It would have gone up today, but instead, it will be released tomorrow so I can add just one small voice to the SOPA Blackout in progress at Wikipedia, Reddit, and other sites trying to spread awareness of the “Stop Online Piracy Act” or SOPA bill which the US Congress will vote on next week.

The bill is superficially about copyright protection and intellectual property.  It sounds plausible, movies are big business.  I’m as worried as anyone about the disproportionate amount of power corporations have gained over US lawmakers, but I think we can all agree that if Warner Brothers is spending upwards of $100,000,000 on The Dark Knight Rises, it’s not unreasonable for them to ask us $10 a head to watch it rather than having anyone able to download it for free.

BUT this legislation that is allegedly about pirated movies and TV shows has provisions to snuff out any website, arrest those who even maintain a site that LINKS to objectionable content, and essentially impose China-modeled controls over the Internet in the United States.  This proposed legislation also seems to have surfaced immediately after WikiLeaks.

There is a history in this country of a government that cannot go after people for one thing – like, say, protesting the war in Vietnam – finding a way to go after them for something else that many of them do – like, say, smoking marijuana.

There is no social site out there where people are forwarding a Huffington Post article about Ron Paul where somebody isn’t also sharing a YouTube from The Brave and the Bold cartoon.  There is no blog network where somebody hasn’t posted a still photo from Twilight made into a faux motivational poster about Edward being the lovespawn of Dracula and Tinkerbell.

ANY SOCIAL NETWORK and ANY WEBSITE can be shut down under SOPA, and a case can be made against any one of us.  This is an attack on free speech in the one medium left that corporations cannot control, where this little gal writing a fan fiction series can shout just as loud as Time Warner, and where the merits of each view decides who the audience will go back to, not the advertising budget behind it.

Whether you are political or not, like Cat-Tales or not, whatever it is you want to say online, this is a time to call your Congressman and tell them to oppose SOPA.  Because whatever other positions they hold, it doesn’t make much difference if they give on this one.  This is the dealbreaker, folks.  This is the one that snuffs out our ability to talk about all the others.

SOPA is not about copyright or piracy.  It is about censorship and free speech.  Use it loose it, guys.  Use it or lose it.

Chris Dee


Still Looking Back at Year 8: Kitty Ex Machina

September 22, 2011

Catwoman-Cat Tales: Lex Luthor teams up with Catwoman (or that's what he thinks) in the Superman/Batman Tale War of the Poses
“Okay. Look, boys, if what you’re after in this world is validation of your bad girl identity after a marathon fuck-over by a sleazy tabloid, then cooking up something with Lex Luthor that leaves Batman and Superman speechless is the motherlode. And I’m sure I’d be enjoying it a lot more if I knew what the hell it is. What’s so special about this three companies that Luthor being after their files turns you two into the World’s Palest?”
-Catwoman, War of the Poses

The Justice League in Cat-Tales:  War of the Poses Plastic Man didn't get the memo that it wasn't a good time to tease Batman about CatwomanWar of the Poses might just be the richest Cat-Tale in the series.  First, there’s Luthor.  In Cat-Tales as in the DCU, Lex Luthor’s ultimate ambition was fulfilled: he became President of the United States.  And in Cat-Tales as in the DCU, it ended… badly.  He lost the office, his fortune, and for a time back during the Infinite Crisis of String Theory, his sanity.  But in WoP, he was back and he had a plan.  It was a really good plan too.  That’s the kicker.  A Gotham-Metropolis alliance like the one that worked so well for Batman and Superman, joining forces with the Big Bad of Gotham City, the Boss of the Gotham Underworld… if only he wasn’t trying to join forces with Batman’s girlfriend.

Catwoman’s first meeting with Luthor is… well, it’s echt Selina and echt Luthor:

You’re an interesting creature,” he said at last. “For one of those who wears—well, why be circumspect—who wears a mask and the costume of a professional wrestler, one hears that you are remarkably sane.”

Catwoman’s lips curled slightly. Not a threatening smile, but hardly a warm one.

“And for one who wears a tie and the costume of an undertaker, one hears you’re remarkably rude, Lex.”

“Touché. My point was merely that I believe one can make a deal with you, Catwoman, and expect you to hold up your end. Not decide at the critical hour to go on a murderous rampage in a jam factory instead.”

“Not unless the jam starts it,” she said brightly. “Seriously, Lex, may I remind you that we have done business before and I was not the one who failed to hold up my end of the bargain?”

It was Luthor’s turn to smile. He did enjoy when a negotiation went according to plan. Catwoman might wear a preposterous outfit, but her thinking was rational and therefore predictable. If one could overlook the cat ears, it was quite like negotiating any other business deal.

“You refer to my declining to pay you for the Lex-Wing job,” he said magnanimously. “I recall the incident, of course. I also recall that you got paid all the same. You had the resourcefulness to get your money. In my view, that means you are entitled to it.”

“Survival of the fittest.”

“Enrichment of the fittest, Catwoman. Mere survival is for wage slaves and spotted owls.”

Catwoman burst out laughing.

“It must’ve been hell for you being president, Lex. ‘Wage slaves and spotted owls?’ This is what built up all those years having to pretend you care?”

Catwoman-Cat-Tales.  Batman and Superman, the World's Finest versus Lex Luthor in War of the PosesWhile fun, particulary Lex hears Selina’s description of his “resignation” as depicted by the Gotham Post:

“Flying out of the Oval Office in a space suit that looked like a Tylenol capsule decked out for Mardi Gras, buzzing Dupont Circle hopped up on venom and challenging Batman to a fist fight”

Things get a lot more interesting once Superman arrives on the scene, and Lex’s plans begin to unfold.  Cat-Tales is seldom as action-driven as the comics, but the Batman/Superman adventure at the World Bank would definitely give the panels a run for their money.  And the Kitty Ex Machina conclusion might just be my favorite Batman/Catwoman exchange in Book 5…

Batman’s tone and manner changed as he tapped the side of his cowl. “OraCom activate. Private channel metro-one-alpha. Do you read?”

“You can’t be serious.  It’s like Luthor stacked the entire table of elements over our heads. Even I can’t tell how much steel, lead, and who knows what is up there but—”

“Private channel metro-one-beta. Do you read? That’s why I installed a special signal booster. Private channel metro-two-alpha…”

“You planned on getting stuck down here?” Superman gaped.

“It was always a possibility.  Private channel metro-three-alpha…”

~~~~~andsom~ ~~~avri~~~~itty~~~~~~ sounded in his earpiece.

“There she is,” Batman noted.  “Lock in metro-three-alpha, shutdown all nonessential operations, enhance signal, all parameters.”

B~~m~an~~~~~ad~me~~~st met with Lex and ~~~~m the works, ke~to decrypt~~~~~lans~~~n hog heaven, it was disgus~~~ng~~~~~~sch an obnoxious troll~~~ ~~~ ~~nwa~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~pected you’d be~~~ack b~~ow.

“We were delayed.  We’re trapped in the vault.”

~~~ault?  th~~~~~one under the –~~~~ank?  Yo~~~ill there?

“Yes.  We’re going to need you to take out the time locks.”

Th~~im~~~ocks?  In Met~~~~olis?  ~~~~~ant me t~~~~~ to Me~~~~li~~~~~~~~~~~~ime locks fo~~

“Either that, or we’re stuck until the bank opens for business on Monday.”

Wel~~~ow suppo~~~~~et there?

“Transport to the Watchtower. J’onn is expecting you.  He’ll send you on to the transport station at the Daily Planet.”





~~~~oing~~~~claim villainess privilege and~~~ay no.

But for all that, for ALL THAT, it’s not even the main story that is best remembered from War of the Poses.  It’s a minor subplot, with Batgirl, sweet adorable Cassie, learning some new stealth techniques from Selina and getting just a little carried away trying them out at the museum until, well, I’ll let her explain…

This bad.
This bad.
This bad.

Father would give twenty lashes and lock in dark closet for day. Maybe two day.
Was first principle of sustained surveillance: mind clock. Surveillance is dead time. Must mind clock else lose track of time.
Practicing stealth in museum not like sustained surveillance. Not dead time. But still lose track of time.

This bad.
Was exciting. Lose track of time.
Lights come on.
Guard in uniform gone. New guard in blue blazer jacket take place.

New noise.
Shoes that not quiet on stone floor.
People in shoes that no need be quiet.
People that work in museum.

Museum open. Soon be people everywhere. This bad.

Isn’t she cute?  Deadly as all hell, but really cute.

Anyway, those are some of my favorite bits from War of the Poses.  You can read the complete story and download print and ebook versions from the Cat-Tales website.

Chris Dee

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