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Those Wonderful Toys

December 17, 2013

A chess set fashioned after the Gotham Rogues, undoubtedly a creation of The Z.  Riddler used it as a snappy little prop/conversation starter for a sitdown with Batman in (fittingly) The Gotham Rogues when Joker, Poison Ivy, Clayface and the others were his weapons in the war with the Gotham mobs.

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

The Chessboard from The Gotham Rogues now on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center

“Interesting choice. Most people would have made him the king.”
“Most people are idiots,” Riddler observed. “King is not only the weakest piece on the board, he’s the most predictable. Moves one square, can’t put himself in check, and because he’s so gosh-darn important, he doesn’t move at all until there are no options left. Bishop, on the other hand, can wreak havoc just by existing. Move the pawn sitting in front of him, it’s a whole new game board.”
Behind Batman’s mask, Bruce looked up sharply. It was a shockingly brilliant analysis.
“Diagonal moves,” Batman noted. “Psychologically more erratic, amidst the squares and straight lines of the board.”
Eddie shook his head, dissatisfied with the idea.
“No, to play that game, the most psychologically irrational movement is the knight’s… I didn’t want to do that. You were going to see it. That seemed… needlessly rude.”

Too tantalizing to retire, it showed up again in Inside an Enigma, and now it’s back again – this time on display in the Cat-Tales Virtual Visitor Center in Second Life.

Also on display, a Catarang.  In Not My Kink Catwoman takes over Batman’s patrol while Bruce recovers from an injury (in Armchair Detective).  By Week 5, she’s earned a little gift.

Catarang from Not My Kink in the Virtual Visitor Center

I never realized he made the first batarangs himself. I’ve used Kittlemeier from day one for my things. But this, he made it himself.

Such a sweet scene. Of course the deceptively idyllic moment couldn’t last, but that year the chapter that was “a short and sweet taste of life in the Batcave” made a Christmas present for readers who hadn’t had a holiday tale for quite some time.

Both items are on display for a limited time Virtual Visitor Center.


Flash the Bat-Signal, Jim Gordon is back in Cat-Tales

October 8, 2013
Catwoman depicting shooting Commissioner Gordon on the cover of The Gotham Post

Cat-Tales began with this whopper in The Gotham Post

I’m often asked what I would do differently if I was starting Cat-Tales today. I tell them honestly: Not much, but the big difference is that James Gordon would be police commissioner.   Cat-Tales began when he had resigned after being shot in the ill-conceived Officer Down storyline, an event that was instrumental to getting that Runaway Snowball of WTFTM rolling that sparked A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation in the first place.

It was right for the time.  It was right for the Catwoman story being told, and it was right for the meta commentary on DC Comics that is the series’s raison d’etre.   But it’s not quite right for an ongoing Batman series.  For years, I’ve planted my flag on the principle that stories have certain elements that are not negotiable, and where Batman is concerned Jim Gordon is one of them.  That’s his chair.

He has been present in the series, as Barbara’s father and retired commissioner.  It’s been wonderful, because the decision and his status as a retiree brought a depth to his relationship with Bruce.  Still, I’ve missed him on that roof.  Four stories ago in The Gotham Rogues the first clue dropped:

The man who had served as police commissioner since Jim Gordon retired wanted Batman to know he was being vetted for a Presidential Appointment to the Department of Justice… In all probability, Gotham would have a new police commissioner by the end of the year.

From the beginning, Commissioner Muskelli was established as a political animal.  The change was easy to set in motion, and with so much drama in that tale, I trusted that the significance would be missed, or if noticed it would be quickly forgotten.  Things have developed slowly, through Wayne Rises and Inside an Enigma.  Now, at last, in the new story that begins today, Jim Gordon is back on the job.


Jim Gordon is back. When he resigned, Catwoman was an anonymous cat burglar. Now she’s Selina Kyle, living with Bruce Wayne, and running this company that’s messing with Ra’s al Ghul. There might be a learning curve.


National Hairball Awareness Day (Gallery Spotlight: Whiskers & Nutmeg)

April 26, 2013

Nothing makes you question the time you spend on social media like logging in to Twitter and learning it is National Hairball Awareness Day.  But hey, I’m the one who opted to go into the glamorous world of Catwoman fan fiction and I’m the one who let these two onto the page without stopping to consider that it’s the internet and cats rule.  They’re the most popular original characters in the series, and I have to keep the real stars of Cat-Tales happy, so…


Whiskers and Nutmeg want to know who’s not wearing the ribbon and why.

To commemorate this important day, I thought we’d do a Gallery Spotlight of those pictures featuring the little pests darlings.

Catwoman: Tuna Kisses by Shisa Ai

Catwoman: Tuna Kisses by Shisa Ai

Probably the sexiest Catwoman in the gallery that doesn’t include Bruce or Batman, and I’m spotlighting it for the cats!

Selina Sulking in the Cat Lair

Selina Sulking in the Cat Lair

This scene is one of the earliest efforts from Poser artist TM and is inspired by Times Gone By


A New Cat Tale Begins – Inside an Enigma

March 27, 2013

Cat-Tales has never “ripped from the headlines” like some aggressive police procedural. We creep in, blending with the shadows, deftly snipping a wire there, nullifying the sensors with a wave cancellation box over there, and spiriting it away before anyone knows what’s happened.
Batman’s enemies in Arkham and Ra’s al Ghul rotting in an Atlantis jail. Gotham should be quiet. And a quiet Gotham is a paradox wrapped in a puzzlement inside a mystery encased in a riddle surrounded by…

Chapter 1: Diamonds are for Stealing on the Cat-Tales website and mobile-friendly mirror


Happy Anniversary, Cat-Tales

March 8, 2013

It was March 8, 2001 when Chris Dee posted Chapter 1 of Cat-Tales 1: A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation.  Today, the popular Bataman series celebrates its 12th Anniversary by cutting the ribbon on the new Fan Gallery on the Cat-Tales website.


“If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t been paying attention while I squee about it), we have new categories for Character Portraits, Sculpture, and even cosplay. If you HAVE seen the new gallery, you haven’t seen the new pieces – more from old favorites like Remidar and Anya Uribe, a brand new artist Shisa Ai making her debut on the Cat-Tales gallery with an exhibit of Catwoman: Black & White.”
–Chris Dee

As an added treat, the website has updated an old Ask Catwoman feature for the occasion, finally answering a question about the most-asked about topic: Selina’s cats Whiskers and Nutmeg.

Ask Catwoman


Wayne Rises Chapter 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror

October 19, 2012

Bruce and Selina in Wayne Rises 5: Interlude at the Bathroom MirrorI could have dropped a hint or two that the new chapter was almost ready, particularly when I posted such a stunner of a Bruce/Selina pic this morning, seeing that it is their civilian lives which are the focus of the current tale’s intrigue.  But I decided to let it be a surprise.  And so, without warning…


The cat burglar has struck again –during the third ball of the Wayne Foundation Elemental Fete, just as everyone feared. The Water Ball was followed by a third daring robbery, and that’s not even the worst of it as Gregorian Falstaff is ready to make his move… in Wayne Rises Part 5: Interlude at the Bathroom Mirror



Gallery Spotlight: Mrs. Wayne

September 30, 2012

Mrs. Wayne
the second of two pieces featuring the infamous yellow ruffles bridesmaid’s dress by Remidar

Mrs Wayne

What’s a girl to do when all of Gotham high society is calling her Mrs. Wayne?  Grab the nearest bottle of champagne, the nearest sympathetic ear, and start drinking heavily.

It began with Martin’s distracted misstatement to Dinah: “Mrs. Wayne” …Overheard by Mrs. Wigglesworth, who then saw Dinah point to Selina…
“Dancing with the groom” …Mrs. Wigglesworth told Mrs. Ashton-Larraby she’d already heard talk of who’s next, mouthing the words “Mrs. Wayne” and pointing, as Dinah had, towards Selina. …Mrs. Ashton-Larraby said at last her lips were unsealed! She’d known for months, but didn’t want to spread idle gossip. Mrs. Ashton-Larraby told Mrs. Helbrook, who told Mrs. Ford, overheard by Mr. Upton…. Mr. Upton told Mr. Drake, who told his wife, who told Mrs. Fox…

By the time Selina returned to her seat, there were four separate accounts of the engagement being circulated. Hearing one of these, Aunt Kate sought out Selina to offer her congratulations. –Dearly Beloved

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