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In which Marvel’s Tom Brevoort brilliantly explains the history and social landscape behind the Superman Kills debate and Batman kisses a goat

February 15, 2016

Knight of the Mirrors isn’t the only conversation about Hollywood’s killer Superman.
For those not on Twitter, the Superman kills/Batman kills/Batman uses a gun issue came up again a few weeks ago,  and Marvel’s Tom Brevoort broke down the history and social landscape with nothing short of frank 140-character genius.  Here his lecture is compiled via Storify:

Batman, Superman and the Hero’s No-kill Rule


Tom Brevoort’s epic analysis of The Dark Knight, The Man of Steel, and the cognitive dissonance of a genre that won’t let these characters be who they are.


Cosplay Appreciation Day: Batman

November 13, 2012
Cosplay Appreciation Day

From one professional to another, pick a better spot, because from this height a fall won’t kill me

I know we’ve already had one spotlight today, but then, well, there was an ass hat, as one is apt to encounter on the Internet.  And rather than responding to trollish asshattery in kind, Gail Simone put a wonderfully positive spin on the whole thing by declaring it


#cosplayappreciationday is trending

#CosplayAppreciationDay.  Head on over to twitter and see the feed, it’s amazing.  (It’s also trending!)

So I returned to the gallery to dig out the best darn Batman Cosplayer I know: I wish I could shout out to him properly, but, uh, I only know him as Matches Malone.

Yes, really.  But he made every bit of that costume himself, and the love shows in every  pixel of every pic.


Gallery Spotlight: Joker Revisited

November 8, 2012
Joker Revisited

Joker Revisited by Ramesese

Joker Revisited – because it’s really hard to take tanks, mercenaries, exploding concrete and reactors mysteriously turned into bombs all that seriously after the guy who kills your bodyguard with a pencil.


Gallery Spotlight: Utility Belt

November 6, 2012
Batman Utility Belt by Ramesese

Batman Utility Belt by Ramesese

This little gem from the sculpture gallery has perfect lines. Based on the design from the Nolan films, it’s not my favorite version of the costume, not by a mile, but this particular piece has perfect lines. Just look at the way it follows, frames and leads the eye around the waist. Perfect. Absolutely f-ing perfect.


My City (Grunt)

September 5, 2012

The only downside to presenting a Dark Knight character portrait is The Dark Thumbnail.

Batman in front of Wayne Enterprise

Batman in front of Wayne Enterprise

This is a beautiful piece, the Cat-Tales Batman, right down to the lip twitch, posed in front of Wayne Enterprises, beautiful coloring on -grunt- My City -grunt-.   But the detail just doesn’t come through.  You simply have to click through and see it full size in the Cat-Tales gallery.


The Night is Darkest Just Before the Dawn – Harvey Dent Remembered

February 2, 2012

It’s February 2nd, or 2/2, the day that launched to kick off the Harvey Dent campaign for District Attorney.  If you Believed in Harvey Dent, head on over to the remade In Memoriam site to remember Gotham’s White Knight.

The Dark Knight: Gotham's White Knight Remembered at

The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.

The Dark Knight: Harvey Dent Remembered at friendsofharveydent.orgIf you still believe in Gotham City, if you believe in Hope and Heroes, if you refuse to let Gotham be defined by those who know only ugliness and despair, honor Harvey by passing this message along.

Chris Dee


Batman and Dracula (now with more Batman)

January 26, 2012

batman-and-draculaOkay, so, Cat-Tales is pleased, proud and thrilled to have sparked the imagination of one Wanders Nowhere, and some time back he wrote a blood-chilling little tale set in the CTU called Capes and Bats.  Making a trailer for this cheery little epic about the Lord of the Undead hitting town at the same time as Christopher Nolan arrives for location shooting on The Dark Knight was my first attempt at this video stuff.  It’s not bad for a first effort, but the music was maybe a little… Draccy.  Did Batman go to Transylvania and start fighting crime around Vlad’s castle?  No.  Vlad came to Gotham in search of snacks and Brides!  So I would now like to represent the Capes and Bats trailer with more suitable musical accompaniment for the clash of batty-caped titans:

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